Willie Nelson Shares His Secret to a “Good Life” in Latest Interview

by Chris Haney

During a recent interview, country music legend Willie Nelson opened up about some of the keys to a healthy and “good life.”

Nelson’s newest album That’s Life releases next week on Friday, Feb. 26. It will be his second Frank Sinatra tribute album following 2018’s Grammy-winning My Way. The country singer took some time to speak with Parade before his newest album’s imminent release.

While answering questions, he was asked if he had a secret to living a good life. According to the iconic musician, that starts with a positive attitude. Additionally, he says he goes for a short jog and works out a bit after he wakes up. He also says singing helps workout his lungs as well.

“Think positive. I wrote a song called ‘Pay for the Day.’ You’ve got to do something to pay for the day. I get up, I jog a little bit, I do little workouts. And singing is good too, for my lungs,” he explained to Parade.

The country singer said he misses getting to play concerts because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nelson says that singing for two hours is great exercise for his lungs, which benefits more than just that one organ.

“That’s another thing that my entire body misses [during the COVID-19 pandemic]. The fact that I can’t go out and sing for two hours, because that’s the best exercise a guy can do, because his lungs are the biggest organs in his body when he’s using them. It’s kind of helping everything,” Willie Nelson added.

Willie Nelson Gets COVID-19 Vaccine, Hopes to Tour in the Fall

Last month, Willie Nelson received the COVID-19 vaccine at a drive-thru clinic in Cedar Park, TX, just outside of Austin.

Medical professionals administered the vaccine to the famous musician‘s arm while he stayed in his car. His wife, Annie, also received the vaccine and the couple have taken further precautions while quarantining. She says she’s been “insanely type A” for the sake of her husband’s safety.

“Stuff doesn’t even come into the house unless it gets sterilized,” Annie said to Rolling Stone in January.

However, she says her husband has stayed busy throughout quarantine. He works out, writes new music and records in his home studio. Nelson is currently working on a few different projects, including an album with his two sons Lukas and Micah.

“We work out three times a week to keep sane, and he sings, and that’s really helpful,” Annie explained. “Sometimes he just puts on his (SiriusXM) channel Willie’s Roadhouse and sings at the top of his lungs to his music. That’s good exercise.”

As the music industry navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, the country icon is eyeing a return to the road in the fall. As long as everyone follows through with getting vaccinated, Willie Nelson will get back on the road as soon as he can she says.

“It’ll probably be late August, September before things can get back to normal,” Annie said. “And that’s if everybody gets the vaccination, so we can get some kind of herd immunity. (Willie) said, ‘Right now, it’s basically turd immunity.’”