‘Wrecking Ball’ By Eric Church: Sultry Story Behind Beloved Track

by Atlanta Northcutt

Eric Church fans love the open sensuality of his hit “Like a Wrecking Ball.” The single is blatantly about making love, and he doesn’t regret one lyric of expressing his true feelings.

In fact, during a live performance in Chicago, Eric told the audience, “I think if you’re talking about sex, you should just talk about sex, and that’s what this is.” He then began to play as fans shouted and clapped, enjoying the show.

Don’t confuse Eric Church’s song with Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” Don’t expect to see Church straddled on a wrecking ball swinging back and forth.

Eric takes the act of sexuality in a much more mature manner.

Eric Church Expresses His Longing For His Wife

He is open and honest in his lyricism, as he speaks about longing for his wife while on tour. There is a tinge of pain in his voice. However, he’s unable to be near her, nor make love to her.

A moment in the song explains how Church receives a text from his wife with an intimate photo. He then sings that he wants to rock some sheetrock and knock some pictures off the wall.

“Like a Wrecking Ball” perfectly captures the passionate longing through its sultry style. When combined with its bluesy/jazz sound, it leaves an even heavier impression. The single describing the yearning and aching of making love, and dreaming of a simple touch of the skin.

“Like a Wrecking Ball”

“And that old house is gonna be shaking/ Rafter and rockin’ foundation quaking/ Crash out through the front door, back you up against the wall/ Love you baby, take it right there baby/ Rock you baby, like a wrecking ball”

“Like a Wrecking Ball” – Eric Church
Eric Church performing “Like a Wrecking Ball” at CMA Fest 2015.

The Honesty of Eric Church

During an interview with Spin magazine, he explains the reasoning why he is so truthful and open regarding a delicate subject.

“I’ve always hated where we get cute with subjects like that. Innuendo. I’m of the old school, the Al Green, that age of, ‘We’re talkin’ about sex.’ Just come out and say it,” he says.

The Outsiders and Critics’ Reviews

The song was released on March 9, 2015, as the fifth and final single from his 2014 album The Outsiders. However, it was brought in at the end of the recording process.

“(The project) is a whole entity,” producer Jay Joyce explained in CMA Close Up feature. “But we’ll sit back and think, ‘What is this little family (of songs) missing?’ And we’re smart enough to stand back and let the record reveal itself. Sure, you’ve got to show up and do the work. But Eric came into the studio with three new tunes this time. So you’ve got to allow for a great song at the last minute. On the last record, I think it was ‘Springsteen‘ that came in at the last minute. This time it was ‘Wrecking Ball.'”

New York magazine gave him a resoundingly positive response, saying, “He is, at his essence, a great country singer — a genre artist par excellence. Country, like all genre music, is often High Hackwork: It’s the art of making clichés pay, again and again, of tweaking the conventions ever so slightly or embodying the conventions with such force or finesse that you make them feel fresh. In the best moments on The Outsiders, Church does just that, revitalizing the familiar through sheer charisma and the ideally deployed chord or couplet.”