Zach Bryan Is Headed to the Mother Church, Making Ryman Debut in 2022

by Hannah Heser

Rising country artist Zach Bryan is on his way to making his Ryman Debut next year. For most up-and-coming artists, this is a huge deal.

The Ryman Auditorium sent out a tweet this morning with some exciting news.

“We’re so excited to announce a Ryman debut. Rising star @zachlanebryan is heading for the Mother Church on February 10,” the caption says. “After 7 years in the Navy, his breakout song ‘Heading South’ propelled him into the national spotlight at just 25 years old.”

Before this news came out, he just finished up his sold-out fall tour. He is emerging into the wonderful star in which he was born to be.

This is another huge accomplishment taking place in his career, after making his Grand Ole Opry debut in April this year.

His career is spiraling, and it’s only up from here. Now that he’s been honorably released from active-duty in the U.S. Navy, he can finally pursue music full-time. With his career just taking off, things are not going to slow down for him anytime soon.

Furthermore, fans have been flooding his social media with questions like, “When are you dropping your next album?” And that just might be coming next year.

As shown above, 2022 is going to be unbelieable for this guy!

Tickets for his Ryman debut are now available. Be sure to support his talent either at the venue or by listening to his music!

Zach Bryan’s Journey to Success

First of all, Bryan’s story begins in small town Oologah, Oklahoma. His love for music starts at a young age, fourteen to be exact, when his father and grandfather bought him a Takamine guitar for his birthday. He instantly fell in love with playing the beautifully strung instrument.

A few short years later, Bryan began uploading originals, as well as covers to his YouTube channel in 2017. From then on, his social media accounts skyrocketed with followers and words of encouragement. After all this recognition, he found joy, passion and a path to success in this industry.

Back then, his friends would record him playing tunes using his iPhone. Suddenly, his hit song Heading South, as I mention above, went viral. And he became one of the top independent country artists around.

From hearing Luke Combs for the first time to playing his first writers round, Bryan is on his way to success.

His music is available to listen on all streaming platforms. But don’t worry, he has a lot more coming very soon! He is one musician that everyone should know.