Couple Rescued After Being Trapped By Snow in California Cabin for Nearly 2 Months

by Victoria Santiago

A couple was finally rescued from their northern California cabin earlier this week. They had been trapped there for almost two months. They had been blocked in by fallen trees and a lot of snow.

In a Facebook post, the California Highway Patrol Valley Division Air (CHP) wrote that their help was requested by the Sierra County Sheriff’s office. They were needed to help save the couple and their dog, who had been in the cabin since December 6. The CHP didn’t reveal the identities of the couple, nor did they share where the cabin was located. However, they did say that the couple had been running out of supplies.

The CHP air division was able to successfully land a helicopter near the cabin. Even then, the weather was not the best. They had to land in high wind conditions. The couple was successfully loaded onto the helicopter and taken to a landing zone. There, they were taken to a safe place by Sierra County Deputies.

Dad Builds a Survival Shelter Cabin With His Sons

We don’t know many of the details surrounding this couple and how or why they got stuck in their northern California cabin, but thankfully they were rescued on time. If their cabin is anything like the one that was built by Luke Nichols and his sons, then they were in good hands.

Many things have slowed down during the pandemic. Work, group activities, and other tasks have more or less fallen to the wayside. That leaves lots of room for trying new hobbies. For Nichols, that meant that he had ample time to build an entire cabin by himself. He had the help of his sons, of course. The family documented the entire process on their YouTube channel. The video, which is longer than most movies, shows how the shelter went from being made with sticks and tarps to being a real cabin.

The cabin was made with the blood, sweat, and tears of the Nichols boys. The neat part is that they used hand tools, which really stuck with the “survival” theme of the shelter. During the first part of the video, which is two hours long, we see the humble beginnings of the shelter. It starts off as some stakes in the ground that had a tarp secured on the top. That was the survival shelter at its most basic.

As the video goes on, we see it slowly start to transform into an actual cabin. By the halfway point, it’s a log cabin complete with mud-insulated walls and even a fireplace. What started as a bare-bones place to sleep turned into a cozy cabin that could weather the elements. Along the way, Nichols and his sons got to bond and learn how to survive in the woods.