Couple Road Trips in Converted Hearse Aptly Nicknamed ‘The Grim Sleeper’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images)

A couple of U.K. Outsiders have totally transformed road trips as they travel across Scotland in their makeshift camper. The “camper,” which is actually just a converted hearse, has affectionately earned the name “The Grim Sleeper.” And as spooky season draws near, we can’t help but adore this unique method of camping.

The fun couple, Shannon Orr (24) and Iain Cameron (31), stumbled across the transformed 1998 Volvo 960 Hearse on Facebook. “We saw it on Facebook and had to get it, because it was something neither of us had seen before,” Orr told SWNS.

As the auto industry continues to spiral, the couple purchased the unique camper for only $4,826 online. While unique, however, the couple stated they, unfortunately, could not take credit for the vehicle’s transformation.

“We didn’t do any of the conversion,” the woman told the outlet. “We bought it already converted, so we can’t claim anything for that sadly.”

Regardless, the couple’s steadfast willingness to road trip across the country in a hearse is nevertheless remarkable.

“I think with it being a hearse,” Orr said, “it puts people off due to its previous passengers. But it just works so well as a camper if you can get past that part.”

Additionally, the couple has added small touches to the “camper’s” ambiance. “All we have added up to now is the Halloween figures on the dash, the ducks on the wing mirrors and the skeletons on the front and back.”

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Road Tripper Gabby Petito Still Missing

For the “Grim Sleeper” couple, we wish nothing but the fun memories throughout your road trips. However, in the case of the missing road tripper, Gabby Petito, we simply wish her a safe return home.

22-year-old New Yorker Gabby Petitio has not been heard from since late August, and her mother officially filed a missing person’s report on Saturday, September 11th. Her case remains strange as authorities continue the investigation.

Petitio and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie began road-tripping across the United States, visiting famous national parks all over the country. The pair had transformed a white van into a camper to accommodate their travels.

As of today, police have secured Petito’s, searching it for evidence. However, as far as public information shares, nothing has turned up in regards to the couple’s road trip vehicle.

Regardless, clues begin to unravel and information has slowly leaked to the public as the search for the missing road tripper continues. The latest updates reveal that Petito and Laundrie had an altercation on August 12th in Utah.

Reports state Petito was last seen checking out of a Salt Lake City hotel on August 24th. The last time she made vocal contact with her mother came the following day at Grand Teton National Park, currently the center of the ongoing investigation.

And while the woman’s road trip companion remains completely uncooperative at this time, Petito’s family has punched on what they consider is the most crucial question. “Where did you last see Gabby?”

As Petito’s case makes national headlines, Outsiders everywhere continue to wonder the same exact thing.