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Couple Wins $1 Million Lottery Prize Twice in One Drawing

by Samantha Whidden
Lottery Ticket
(Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images)

An Australian couple scored big wins after getting two $1 million prizes on separate tickets during the same lottery drawing earlier this week. 

PEOPLE reports that the couple, who is from New South Wales, was dubbed the winners from Monday’s drawing for Australia’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto game. It was noted that the wife had been playing the same numbers for almost three decades. Her husband revealed she always said they’d be drawn one day. He also said after she forgot to play her numbers the previous week, he decided to purchase two tickets to make up for the situation. 

Upon hearing she was the winner, the wife told lottery officials she screamed with excitement. That was when her husband told her he had a second winning ticket. “I can’t believe this has happened to us,” the husband declared. 

When asked how they are planning to spend their lottery prize, the wife stated it wouldn’t take much to make them and their family happy. However, she was looking forward to helping her children. “I can buy my daughters a house. I can set up the children and grandchildren for the future. It’s going to change so many lives. I’m blown away.” 

In regards to using the lottery money for herself, the wife went on to add she has some ideas. “I’d love to travel around Australia and see all parts of our country I haven’t seen.” 

Western Australia Man Almost Missed out on $26.32 Million Lottery Prize 

Meanwhile, a western Australian man almost missed out on his big win. The man had won AU$40 million (US$26.32 million) winning lottery ticket in his pocket for over a week before finding out he was the winner. 

Casino.org shared that the lottery ticket was purchased at a convenience store in Bennett Springs. The owner revealed the store had celebrated numerous lottery winners over the years. However, he hadn’t seen a big win like this before. The website also confirmed that the winner had purchased the ticket just an hour before last Saturday’s Powerball drawing. 

Five days after purchasing the ticket, the man went back to the store to see how much he won. Man, who has been identified as being only a grandfather, stated that he doesn’t expect his newfound wealth to change his life significantly. He also said he and his family needed up celebrating the big lottery win by dining on fish and chips. He plans to take a trip around the world by business class. 

Along with the grandfather and couple, a South Australian woman also won 3.02 million (AU$4.6 million) through a lottery drawing. Winners in Australia notably have a year to claim their prizes usually. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, that window has been extended.