Couples Have ‘Halloween’ Weddings Officiated by Michael Myers Himself

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

How many couples can say that the original Michael Myers married them in an old haunted hospital in West Virginia? Twelve couples can, actually.

The Old Hospital On College Hill is a 93-year-old hospital near Williamson, West Virginia. Typically, the hospital conducts paranormal tours and escape rooms, using its rundown nature to draw in spooky crowds. But now, the hospital can add wedding venue to its resume as well.

Twelve couples signed up to get married during the last weekend of September in the creepy hospital. Not only would the decorations and atmosphere embody perfect Halloween vibes, but their wedding would actually be officiated by the original “Halloween” star himself.

Tony Moran starred as Michael Myers in the 1978 “Halloween” film. Earlier this year, his manager put him on the list of people interested in doing events at the Old Hospital. One of the co-owners of the hospital, Tonya Webb, was super excited to have him participate in the weddings.

“The original ‘Halloween,’ the 1978 one, is my favorite movie of all time,” Webb said. “And when I saw his name on the list, I just couldn’t help myself.”

The 12 couples who married that weekend couldn’t help themselves either. Cassandra Winward and Hank Zientak talked to Fox News about their decision to be married by Michael Myers.

In December 2020, the two became engaged. They decided to postpone their wedding because of the pandemic.

Originally, they planned to tie the knot on Oct. 31, 2022. The two wanted a “spooky” wedding, but once Winward, 48, saw The Old Hospital’s flier on Facebook, it was game over. She told Zientak, 51, and the Philadelphia couple made new plans.

“I was just like, ‘Why wait to get married on Halloween when we could get married by ‘Halloween?’” Zientak told Fox News. “I said I thought it was a great thing, and we just made that decision right then and there to do it.”

You can see the photos from Zientak and Winward’s wedding in the Facebook post below.

Couples Praise Michael Myers Actor for Wonderful Officiating at ‘Halloween’ Wedding

West Virginia couple Grant and Kayla Butcher were the first ones to be married by Michael Myers actor Tony Moran.

They tied the knot on Sept. 23, almost a year and a half after a May 2020 engagement. Grant, 39, saw the same ad that Winward did and told Kayla, 31, “We have to do this.”

“I just thought it could possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I wanted to take it,” Grant told Fox News.

Kayla said the couple never thought about incorporating “spooky stuff” into their wedding until they saw the Old Hospital ad.

“When that came up, we were just like, ‘We’ve got to do it,’” Kayla said. “We couldn’t pass up that opportunity.”

Now, the Butchers wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I honestly love it. Who can say they got married by Tony Moran in a haunted hospital?” Kayla said. “I guess some people may look at it [and say], ‘These people are crazy,’ but I mean, your wedding day is supposed to be fun and you’re supposed to enjoy it. And we both love the horror movie franchises and it just worked really well with us.”

Zientak and Winward married each other two days later on Sept. 25.

“It was just unreal. It was the best,” Zientak said. Both he and the Butchers described the Michael Myers actor as “down to earth.”

“He was absolutely amazing,” Zientak said. “I can’t say this enough: It was just spectacular.”