‘Criminal Minds’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Adam Rodriguez Since the Series Ended

by Jacklyn Krol

What projects has Adam Rodriguez been part of since Criminal Minds concluded?

Rodriguez, who played Luke Alvez, focused on television after the hit crime procedural ended. He guest-starred on One Day at a Time and Rick & Morty for an episode apiece.

Rodriguez starred in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels as Raul Vega in 2020. He couldn’t stop gushing about the storyline and visuals of the series to CBS.

“This is the most incredible production I’ve ever worked out,” he admitted. “Set design, cinematography, costumes, props, the material itself and what’s being said through the writing and the cast. There are some important themes that people really need to pay attention to right now more than ever. I’m really excited for people to get a chance to see this show and hopefully fall in love with it.”

Rodriguez then went to NBC to portray Bobby Diaz in Ordinary Joe the following year.

Furthermore, he was a lead in the television romantic comedy, A Christmas Proposal. The movie tells the story of a chef who hopes to have her own food trucks. She ends up posing as the girlfriend of a city attorney. They attempt to prove to his family that he could take over the firm. Obviously, sparks fly and things get complicated.

Adam on ‘Criminal Minds’ Ending

In an interview with Assignment X, Rodriguez actually toyed with the possibility of a Criminal Minds return.

“I was sad to see that show come to an end,” he admitted. “I had such a great time with the cast and the crew there for the three years that I was there.” It was quite difficult to conclude a show that has been on air for fifteen years.

He noted that it was amazing that the creators were able to turn out a new scenario each week.

“It’s a really hard show to write, especially after fifteen seasons, to keep finding new ways for the team to do their jobs every week and still have it be interesting,” he added.

“I’m really happy to have been a part of that whole thing,” he continued. “And sad to see it go, but I felt great about the way they decided to send it all off. I thought it was really warm, and kind of left things a little bit open. There wasn’t too much closure on everything, because I think as an audience member, if you watch something for fifteen years, I don’t know that you want to feel like it comes to a complete close. I think you want to feel like, ‘Oh, life goes on, and where did it go for them? I wonder. Maybe they’ll come back.’ That kind of thing.”