‘Criminal Minds’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Matthew Gray Gubler Since the Series Ended

by Jacklyn Krol

What has Matthew Gray Gubler been up to since Criminal Minds ended?

Gubler has been busy since the conclusion of the iconic crime drama. He appeared in a few short film projects before returning to television and movies.

In 2021, he starred in the movie King Knight as Thorn. It is quite the far cry from the character of Dr. Spencer Reid as its a pagan comedy and he is the center of it.

“Thorn and Willow appear to have it all as the revered high priest and priestess of a coven of new age witches,” the description reads. “But a secret from Thorn’s past throws their lives into turmoil and sends them on a trippy, hilarious journey.”

Between 2019 and 2022, he appeared in several episodes of Dollface as Wes.

He currently doesn’t have any public projects in the works, could he join the Paramount Plus revival of Criminal Minds? He has not signed on to the project just yet, but the majority of main cast members have so far. Cross your fingers, Outsiders!

Matthew Gray Gubler on ‘Criminal Minds’ Ending

Matthew Gray Gubler is one of the few cast members that made it through the entirety of Criminal Minds. With fifteen seasons over the span of a decade, that is no easy feat.

In an interview with TV Line, he spoke about the final scene and how it related back to his first day on set.

“I got to be in the very last shot of the entire series,” he began. “Which was a nice bookend because when we shot the pilot, I remember, I was in the very first shot that we ever did of the entire series. And in both instances, I got to operate the camera. They let me press the button and hit Record and everything. I was coming from film school when I was cast on the pilot, so I was trying to impress the crew and let them know that I know how to work a film camera.”

He noted that if the show was only six years, it wouldn’t have been as emotional. However, fifteen years is a long time and the tears were flowing. He joked that he would miss the breakfast burritos on set the most because they had the best chef.

“I’ll miss the people, of course,” he assured. “I’ll miss the crew, and the cast, and everybody, but luckily I talk to them — probably more now that the show is over. I’ll also miss being on the jet. The jet was always this magical place, a a small set where we all just kind of felt like we were at a sleepover and telling stories.  Every day felt like a family reunion holiday, and I’m so happy I got to do that for so many years.”