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‘Criminal Minds’: Tricia Helfer Played a Memorable Character on the Show

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

For many avid TV fans, “Criminal Minds” probably isn’t the first show that comes to mind when you see actress Tricia Helfer. Helfer is best known for intricate performance as Number Six in sci-fi series “Battlestar Galactica.”

However, the actress has portrayed a multitude of roles outside of the seductive cyclon model. Helfer appeared as Dracula in the SyFy series “Van Helsing.”

Additionally, she also played a prominent role on Netflix’s “Lucifer.”

She portrayed a recurring role as Charlotte Richards, the goddess of all creation, and had an undeniable impact on the series. 

Outside of all these prominent roles, Helfer also appeared on one long-running TV show that even her most dedicated followers may not immediately remember. The actress didn’t appear on “Criminal Minds” in a recurring role. However, she did have some insanely action-packed screen time during her brief appearance on the show. 

Tricia Helfer appears in the final two episodes of “Criminal Minds” Season 7. When she announced the appearance, all she revealed was that she was playing a “bad character.”

The two episodes, titled “Hit” and “Run” follow the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU.) This time, the group must take down a particularly sadistic group of bank robbers.

Tricia Helfer Had an Insane Appearance On ‘Criminal Minds’

Helfer’s character is an incredibly cold-blooded assassin, completely lacking empathy or regard for human life. The group of robbers, led by Helfer’s character Izzy Rogers, injure several hostages at the direction of the assassin. Rogers left an unforgettable impact on the show, as she took pleasure in seeing others in pain. 

Not only does Izzy Rogers cause mass destruction in her two episode appearance, but she nearly kills two “Criminal Minds” central characters and their son. Her skills only become more and more clear throughout the two episodes, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

It all comes to a peak when Rogers is face to face with JJ (A.J. Cook) and she proves to be even deadlier and cold-hearted than originally thought. Helfer’s portrayal of Izzy added a layer of seductive charm and charisma to the character, which only made her that much more of a terrifying villain. 

A Woman Of Many Talents

Even though Izzy Rogers wasn’t a recurring role on “Criminal Minds,” Tricia Helfer’s intense performance in the two-part Season 7 finale certainly deserves a nod from fans of the show as an unforgettable sequence. The actress clearly has a talent for playing darker roles, but she’s got much more to her than that. In a 2018 interview with V News, Helfer revealed there’s very few roles she would say “no” to. 

“If I only played one type of role, how boring would that be? To me, the fun part of acting is getting to play all facets of humanity and in that finding facets of yourself you can draw from. In many ways, it’s like therapy,” Helfer says.