‘CSI: Vegas’ Fans Are Not Happy After One Moment Never Happened

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“CSI: Vegas” fans have a bone to pick with their show after a scene promised in the promos never happened in the episode. According to Looper, there was supposed to be a kiss between Sara and Grissom in episode 4. It was in the sneak peeks, fans assumed it was definitely going to happen, and then nothing. It was a total bait and switch.

On the Reddit page for the episode, one fan commented what we’re all thinking and writing: “where is the kiss?!”

Multiple fans took to Reddit to discuss the almost kiss and the injustice. One user claimed that episode time was probably not a factor in cutting the scene; producers just didn’t want to include it. When the official “CSI: Vegas” Twitter posted a gif of another Sara and Grissom scene, fans flocked to it to argue. One fan wrote, “counted about 47 separate seconds you could have cut instead of the kiss that was promoted all week.”

For fans, this seems unfair. If you’ve never been emotionally invested in two characters, you might not understand. But for a show to promote an important, tender scene like a kiss between two character who barely show physical affection, and then just rip it away, it feels like a betrayal.

Sara and Grissom have been married for a while, sure. But they went through so much emotionally to get to the place they’re in now. Let them have one measly little kiss.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Will Spend More Personal Time With Characters

According to executive producer Anthony Zuiker, “CSI: Vegas” is taking a step in a different direction. At least concerning some aspects of the show. In contrast with the original “CSI,” the new series will spend more time at home with the characters. This lets fans really get to know them as people and not just as objects.

“We never really had long runners like with the Lab being under scrutiny,” Zuiker said, referencing the long-running arc on the show right now. “You will see a deeper dive into the puppy love relationship between Folsom and Allie. You’ll see some of the quibbles of Grissom and Sara with their long marriage. You’ll see those kinds of things.”

These things make the show more personal, more relatable, and, frankly, more fun. We saw a bit of how Sara and Grissom’s relationship grew over “CSI,” but the show didn’t really dive deep into their daily lives. I for one want to see them on the boat, literally just living life on a boat. The trials and tribulations of a long marriage spent at sea would be fun. We’re already kind of getting that with Grissom’s illness. It’s personal and scary for him, and we get to live through it with him instead of just focusing on the evidence.