Dad of Murdered Woman Asks Dog the Bounty Hunter To Search for Killer Because of Brian Laundrie Link

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Charley Gallay/ACMA2013/Getty Images for ACM)

Based on speculation involving Brian Laundrie, one dad of a murdered woman in Utah is asking Dog the Bounty Hunter for help.

Sean-Paul Shulte pleaded on Facebook about the case involving his daughter and her wife Crystal Turner. The couple was found shot to death at a campsite in Utah just this August. There has been speculation online that Laundrie may have been in the area when it happened.

Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito were traveling cross-country earlier this year. Petito went missing and was later found dead, strangled to death. Laundrie’s body was found later in Florida near the Carlton Reserve. He had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Sean-Paul wrote on Facebook, “Get ready for some big news! For Christmas I want DOG and JJ to work on this case together. Please please pretty please.”

At this time, authorities have said that there is no connection between Laundrie and the deaths of Shulte and Crystal. Dog the Bounty Hunter got involved in the Petito case back in September. However, his efforts were unable to find evidence of Laundrie.

Newlyweds Reported ‘Creepy Man’ To Friends

Kylen and Crystal were found dead at La Sal mountain range at a campsite in August. The two had been shot dead. Their deaths happened days after the argument that Gabby and Brian had outside Moonflower Co-Op. Kylen worked at the establishment.

After the fight, police separated the couple and Brian stayed the night at a local hotel. This was just a short drive from the tavern where Kylen and Crystal first encountered a “creepy man.”

Later in messages to friends, the couple reported that they were planning on moving their campsite. That was due to a “weirdo camping near them that was freaking them out.” Since the events occurred so close to one another, there has been online speculation about potential links between the two cases.

Officials have determined that the Shulte/Turner murder is not related to Gabby’s death. However, Kylen’s dad is still intent on finding answers. For him, Dog the Bounty Hunter is the person to get to the bottom o the situation.

Apparently, Sean-Paul wants to know, “if it was Brian and Gabby,” that shot a game of pool with his daughter and daughter-in-law at Woody’s Tavern in Moab. “We don know if it was him,” the father said. “It was a couple. A young couple.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter Search Team Finds Body of Missing Mother

While there has been no word on Dog’s involvement in the Shulte case, he has been working. His team’s latest find was a Florida mother, Kathleen Moore. She had gone missing near her boyfriend’s home and that is where she was found.

Local law enforcement confirmed that the body was that of Moore. She was last seen alive with her boyfriend Collin Knapp early on November 29th. Dog the Bounty Hunter did release a statement on the matter over on his Twitter account.