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‘Dad’s on Duty’: Louisiana Fathers Band Together to Stop Fighting at Kids’ High School

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

You just love to see stories like this one. A group of dads has joined a group to stop fights from happening at a Louisiana high school. Southwood High School in Shreveport has a new group of guardians roaming the halls.

Dubbed, “Dad’s on Duty,” the group consists of around 40 dads of students at the school. Over the course of three days earlier in the year, 23 students were arrested for fighting. The astonishing number has been calmed down ever since these fathers got together.

Group founder Michael LaFitte spoke with CBS News. “We’re dads. We decided the best people who can take care of our kids are who? Are us.” Watch the group below.

With this team of dads working to keep things safe and under control, there hasn’t been a fight since they started. As each parent works in shifts, they get to know students, speak with them, and it is a great example of community. It’s different when your dad or best friend’s dad is in the halls. Tensions don’t run quite as high it seems.

One of the best parts about the job? The dad jokes.

“They [the students] hate it, they’re so embarrassed by it,” LaFitte said as the group laughed along with him. They tell students their shoes are untied and other “got ya” type jokes regularly.

The Dad’s on Duty plan to keep showing up at Southwood. Now, they have big plans. Since the group has been so successful in Shreveport, they want to expand. While they are just one chapter, there could be more groups like this popping up across the country soon.

‘Dad’s on Duty’ Helped Stop Out of Control Fights

Before the dads got to the school, things were not going well at Southwood. High school can be a giant vat of hormones and feelings. When tensions get that out of control, it is hard to find a solution that works. Especially one as dire as the case in Shreveport.

There are 2200 students at the school, that’s a lot of kids. After a big brawl on September 16, 14 kids ended up in handcuffs. Local news reported on the violence during the month. Videos and photos came out from students of fights bi and small. There were students suspended and expelled for their actions at the school. Now, with the Dad’s on Duty taking things on, it has been flipped around.

When speaking with CBS, multiple students remarked on the change at the school. Some said they felt much safer at the school, others said it is fun having the dads around. For the men involved, it is about giving these kids protection as well as role models to look up to. LaFitte mentioned how important it is to give some of these students a strong male figure.