Dairy Queen Announces New Summer Blizzard Menu, Bringing Back 6 Fan-Favorite Items

by Halle Ames

The warm weather is back, and that means so is Dairy Queen’s summer menu, which features six delicious fan-favorite items.

Don’t walk. RUN!

That’s right, the fast-food chain, famous for flipping their ice cream, has brought back six favorites that are sure to have you flipping with them. Of these favorites, the Dairy Queen season menu will be serving you the sweet to the nostalgic for their flavors.

While the restaurant has plenty of year-round top-notch flavors, Dairy Queen also highlights a limited-edition Blizzard of the Month flavors. You cannot go wrong.

Dairy Queen Summer Menu

Here we give you a rundown of Dairy Queen’s seasonal favorites.

First, we have the Brownie Batter Blizzard. This dessert is a chocolate lover’s dream, made with Dairy Queen soft serve, brownie batter, and chewy brownie dough pieces.

Next, for our mint and chocolate lovers, Dairy Queen has the Girl Scout Thin Mints Blizzard. Every bite of the tasty treat highlights the favorite Girl Scout cookie blended with vanilla soft serve.

One of our favorites has to be the Cotton Candy blizzard which will satisfy your sweet tooth. This blizzard is made with cotton-candy-flavored sprinkles.

The underrated Frosted Animal Cookie blizzard is also a fun pink color like its Cotton Candy co-part. Furthermore, it features actual animal cookie pieces and pink confetti frosting.

Let’s also not forget about the Raspberry Fudge Bliss blizzard, which boasts real raspberries mixed with fudge pieces and chocolate chunks.

Finally, the Drumstick with Peanuts blizzard blends chocolate-covered Drumstick waffle cone pieces with chopped peanuts and soft serve.

Are you all the sudden hungry, or is that just us?

Sweetest Season Pass

Dairy Queen is also offering a pretty sweet giveaway called the Sweetest Season Pass. This is the first year the chain is launching the event. All fans are encouraged to enter. However, only 20 very lucky people will win $5,000 each worth of blizzards and other menu items all summer long.

The contest begins today, May 18, at noon, so prepare yourself! Furthermore, the Sweetest Season Pass giveaway ends on May 24 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

To enter, head to Twitter, and quote tweet Dairy Queen’s post about the announcement with your favorite Summer Blizzard Treat Menu flavor and use the hashtags #DQSweetestSeasonPass and #DQSweepstakes.

Or if Twitter isn’t your style, Dairy Queen lovers can enter on Facebook by commenting on the announcement post with their favorite item from the summer menu using the same hashtags.

Good luck, and feel free to share the blizzard love!