Dallas Cowboys QB Andy Dalton Knocked Out of Game after Big Hit, Twitter Reacts

by Quentin Blount

The Dallas Cowboys season quickly went from bad to worse today in their game against bitter division rival Washington Football Team.

Quarterback Andy Dalton was starting in his second game of the year in place of the injured Dak Prescott. Midway in the third quarter, Dalton took a big hit to the head while trying to scramble on third down. Dalton was slow to leave the field and went directly to the locker room. He was diagnosed with a concussion and ruled out for the rest of the game.

Michael Gehlken, Cowboys reporter for the Dallas Morning News, sent out a tweet following the injury.

“Cowboys QB Andy Dalton took a shot to head. He’s down. Illegal hit. Lot of concern on field. A cart is coming. And rookie seventh-round pick Ben DiNucci will make NFL debut,” Gehlken said.

The player who made the hit on Dalton, Washington linebacker Jon Bostic, was ejected.

According to a spokesperson for the Cowboys, Dalton is alert and doing better than he was when he came off the field. He is in “good spirits,” and will fly home with his teammates.

Seventh-round draft pick Ben DiNucci came in for Dalton after the injury.

Twitter Reacts to Andy Dalton Injury

NFL fans on Twitter to express their frustration with the league’s latest illegal hit.

The video drew multiple “wow” responses from users on Twitter. One fan said that Bostic being ejected from the game was not enough punishment.

“If they want players to stop doing this, this has to be a minimum 3 game suspension.”

Other fans agreed. One even went as far as to suggest that players should be suspended for the entire season for a hit of this nature.

“3 games? Come on. Rest of the season, at a minimum.”

Another fan suggested Bostic should receive a lifetime ban from the NFL.

Knowing the Cowboys may be looking to sign a new quarterback, one fan even threw out Colin Kaepernick’s name.