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Dan Rather Weighs in About COVID-19, Posts Video

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Craig Barritt / Stringer / Getty Images)

Dan Rather is speaking out about the coronavirus pandemic. The former national evening news anchor took to Twitter to share a viral video while adding his own commentary.

The clip shows a stretch of road in Detroit, Michigan along the Belle Isla Park. As part of a massive memorial, families in the Motor City planted 900 portraits to their loved ones they lost to COVID-19. Rather tweeted the video with the caption,”We cannot, must not, look away.”

After posting the video, thousands of Rather’s fans and followers also weighed in on the COVID-19 pandemic. Many in the comments took aim at the Trump administration’s handling of the outbreak.

“This is devastating, COVID is killing people by the thousands,” one user writes. “The Trump administration and the GOP shrug it off like it’s just a bad dream. We need a leader who will take charge and not lie about the seriousness of the situation…”

Another commented: “My dad died from COvID19 so I understand & sympathize. What makes it that much more painful is the awareness it was completely avoidable & preventable.”

Other users voicing opposing views also offered their thoughts on the situation. “Mourning strangers who die of a virus is hypocritical,” one user tweeted. “Unless you plan on doing this for the 30k-70k who die of the flu every year, of course. But I suspect no one plans to do that. Their deaths support no one’s political agenda. They stay anonymous and ignored.”

Dan Rather on Donald Trump Suffering “Mini-Strokes”

In addition to tweeting about the coronavirus pandemic, Dan Rather also chimed in with his reaction to the reports that President Donald Trump suffered a “series of mini-strokes.”

On Tuesday evening, Rather tweeted, “Do you think when Donald Trump obsesses about mini strokes he’s thinking about his golf game?”

President Donald Trump vehemently denied the reports. Learn more here.