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‘Dangerous’ Wind Chills Remain in the Wake of Northeast Winter Storm

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

This weekend, parts of the East and Northeast got buried under a thick layer of fresh snow. This record-breaking snowfall has since passed, but something else is sticking around into Sunday morning.

There will be dangerously cold wind chills for some areas going into this morning.

According to CNN, there were about one million people in the Northeast that were under special winter weather alerts. It’s an improvement, seeing as earlier in the weekend there were 16 million.

Most of the Northeast will still have to battle these wind chills, some of which are going to cause below-zero weather as the winter storm starts exiting the area.

This extremely cold weather should pass rather quickly. For example, later this Sunday, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, New York, among others, will see a rise in temperatures close to 10 degrees. That’s only a slight warm-up.

“Although temperatures are going to rebound (Sunday), we will have to be patient for any real warm-up, which doesn’t come until the middle of the week,” the meteorologist for CNN, Derek Van Dam said.

If you live in the North or Northeast, keep a close eye on any weather alerts. If you’re going outside, be sure to cover exposed parts of your body and dress in layers as this winter storm fades.

Winter Storm is a Bomb Cyclone

For many people, the extreme temperatures are an improvement from what happened earlier this weekend in this portion of the U.S.

In fact, the storm was certified as a “bomb cyclone” on Saturday morning. This essentially just means the storm strengthened very fast and had a barometric pressure drop of more than 24 millibars. There were millions of people under blizzard warnings. Now, blizzard warnings only remain in eastern and northern Maine.

Parts of Massachusetts, for example, had outrageous wind speeds of 80 mph. This wind is sticking around but will shift to about 15-25 mph going into Sunday.

The nor-easter had hurricane-level winds. That meant to East Coast was battling with wind flinging heavy snow, floating coastlines, and bitter cold. The combination from the winter storm made travel nearly impossible. As a result, a total of 4,500 flights were canceled across the U.S. A total of 10 states were impacted by this blizzard warning. If you were in Boston, you were in for an outright historic day of awful weather.

According to ABC News, the city actually tied its record for bigger single-day snowfall. How much are they buried in right now? The city got 23.6 inches of snow. This is close to two feet of snow. Now, people are desperately trying to dig cars free or even their front doors. New York City and Philadelphia also got a lot of snow, but closer to 7.5 inches instead.