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Danica Patrick Reflects on Her Vineyard Being Destroyed by California Wildfires

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Former race car driver Danica Patrick spoke out on the devastating California wildfires. For Patrick, the fires hit close to home. A fire burned through and scorched her wine vineyard, Somnium Wine.

On Twitter, Patrick wrote of the damage in the area, “It’s so sad. So many amazing places and vineyards gone. It’s unbelievable how much damage has been done. I have already asked if that trademark tree is still standing at Somnium.”

Danica Patrick surveyed the damage at her vineyard.

Later on Instagram, Patrick discussed the Glass Fire that came through and burned her property. She shared images at Somnium a decade ago and the current state of the vineyard. The fire had turned rows of plants into nothing but ash. The race car driver said recovery will be a long process.

“I finally cried this morning at the idea that something I have spent so much time, money, effort, passion, patience, and did I mention money, on…. could just be gone,” she said. “The dirt is still there. But it’s almost impossible to get insurance because of how many fires have come through. Thanks a lot for that. So it will require the next level of all of those things I have already invested.”


In the post, Patrick said Somnium was Latin for dream. She thanks her followers for all their “prayers and good vibes”. Patrick purchased the property in 2009 and built the vineyard from the ground up, according to NASCAR. She also encouraged them to open a bottle of wine and be with the ones they love.

“I invite you to join me tonight in opening up some wine with someone or many that you love and just have a blast,” Patrick said. “Tell stories and connect. Be present. Be here now.”

According to NPR, the Glass Fire has burned 48,440 acres and destroyed more than 50 buildings. As of Wednesday morning, the outlet said the fire had only been 2% contained. The state is still battling more than two dozen fires in a record breaking year that saw millions of acres burnt.