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DC Parent Calls Out Mayor for ‘Ignoring’ CDC’s New Mask Guidance in Schools: ‘This Is Government Overreach’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Ina FASSBENDER / AFP) (Photo by INA FASSBENDER/AFP via Getty Images)

In the past few months, mask mandates everywhere have been lightening up. Schools seem to be the last to follow the trend, though most have relented. Washington D.C. happens to be one of the few places that hasn’t, and a parent there recently called out the mayor for keeping the mask mandate. Specifically, she said Mayor Muriel Bowser is “ignoring” the CDC’s new mask guidance and called her actions “government overreach.”

What Happened

  • Washington D.C. is one of the last areas in the United States requiring students to wear masks
  • Margot Athon is a parent who called out the D.C. mayor for “ignoring” the CDC’s new mask suggestions.
  • Athon attirbutes it to bureacracy and “government overreach.”
  • Schools across the nation are ending mask mandates and reception is mixed.

Speaking on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Margot Athon voiced her disdain with D.C. schools still requiring children to wear masks. The two discussed the issue, citing the teacher’s union as being one of the biggest obstacles to allowing kids to go without masks. Athon then speaks about the mayor ignoring the CDC’s advice, saying she believes Bowser struck a deal with the teacher’s union.

“In case your viewers don’t know, the last two places in the United States that are still requiring indoor masking in schools are Hawaii and the District of Columbia,” Athon said. “And as a parent, you know, we kept wondering why the mayor is digging her heels in and ignoring the advice of the CDC, the NIH, all of these bipartisan governors and as of a few hours ago, her own health department. We came to the conclusion that she had struck a deal with the teachers’ unions. And as a parent, you know, that’s incredibly frustrating.”

Continuing, Athon laments what’s happening and claims it is “government overreach” with her kindergartner. She then issues a plea to let children finally take their masks off since kids in every other state are able to do so.

Schools Across the Nation are Removing Mask Mandates

As Margot Athon noted to Tucker Carlson, as per the CDC’s newest recommendations, most schools are abolishing their mask mandates.

The New York Times reports New York City officially announced ending its mandate on March 4. Additionally, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Connecticut did last week. California, Oregon, Washington State, and New Jersey similarly report ending theirs by mid-March. Though these states and locations no longer require students to wear masks, whether your child has to ultimately lies with their district and what they decide.

As one might expect, reception to ending the mandate is mixed everywhere. Some parents told the New York Times they’d prefer their children wear masks, but they don’t want them to feel like outcasts if no one else is. At the same time, parents and educators want children to be as safe as possible and minimize risk.