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Dean Cain Trends on Twitter During the RNC

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

Dean Cain, Superman actor in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, is trending on Twitter during the Republican National Convention. The actor did not speak at the event, but has been active on Twitter supporting President Trump and supporting Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight.

The Twitter battle began following Voight’s video at the 2020 RNC. Frank Whaley, who co-starred with Voight in Ray Donovan, claims the actor slapped him during a scene the two were filming. Whaley says Voight denies the slap, though the attack was snapped by a photographer on set.

Voight narrated the intro video to kick off the convention Monday night, in which he commends President Trump for being “a man who cares, a man who loves America and all Americans.”

Though Voight has not replied to the claim made by Whaley, Superman Dean Cain rushed to the conservative actor’s support. Cain replied to Whaley’s tweet, saying “He slapped you — that’s quite clear. The reason he slapped you remains a mystery… 🤔 although I have an idea.”

Both tweets are going viral, much of the division sparked from political leanings. Both the original tweet and Cain’s reply are receiving thousands of replies. Whaley stopped his Twitter use for the night after his tweet targeting Voight. Cain, on the other hand, engaged in arguments with users on the social media. The Superman actor even blocked some users after they posted insults about him.

Replies To Whaley’s Tweet

Replies to Whaley’s image of Voight evidently slapping him ranged from fury with the Voight to mocking Whaley for his claim.

Actor John Rocha posted an aggressive reply, angry with Voight’s action, saying “We need to call out all these fools parading around on sets abusing actors, production staff and others.”

Actress Mindy Robinson then called out Rocha, saying that in their 2017 movie You Can’t Have It, they all “slapped the same character for a scene.” Many rushed to clarify to Robinson that Voight’s alleged slap was not for a scene, but rather, out of violence and frustration.


Another user made fun of Whaley for getting slapped by “an old man”

Others supported Whaley, noting they dislike Voight because of his political standings.

Dean Cain Replies To Haters On Twitter

After Dean Cain mocked Whaley saying the Academy Award winner undeniably slapped him, but the reasoning seems up for discussion, users rushed to oppose Cain. While Whaley and Rocha seemed to put away the social media after the original tweets, Cain was eager to continue the discussions, tweeting back to users.

In one, he replied to Neil Kaplan, implying the voice actor had no idea what actually happened.


In another, he used a GIF of Trump clapping to sarcastically say “Sick burn” to a tweet that called him a “pain in the ass.”


He simply laughed at other users:


Cain went so far as to block some Twitter users who offended him.

He blocked so many users that some began joking it was a goal of theirs :

To conclude his Twitter raid, Cain proudly tweeted that his work was done. An American flag his words.

Users Continue To Mock 90’s Superman Actor

While his rant and reply session is over, users on Twitter continue to go after Dean Cain as his name trends on Twitter.

Users poke fun at his typical lack of exposure :