Delta ‘Karen’ Who Assaulted 80-Year-Old Passenger Identified as ‘Baywatch’ Actress

by Clayton Edwards

A video of a woman assaulting an older man on a Delta flight went viral over the weekend. In the video, the Delta Karen screams at another passenger, spits in his face, and hits him. In the end, we see the woman being taken into police custody. Now, the world knows who she is.

The Delta Karen’s name is Patricia Cornwall. However, a few might know her as Patty Breton. She had a couple of acting roles in the mid-90s and was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders.

According to her IMDb, Breton appeared in one episode of Baywatch. She played Petra in the 1996 episode “The Contest.” Additionally, she appeared in one episode of Married… with Children in the same year. She played Pilgrim Girl in the “Calendar Girl” episode. In 1997, she appeared in Women Behaving Badly and Cheerleaders both of which were produced by the men’s entertainment magazine Playboy.

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

How Cornwall Became Known as the Delta Karen

The viral clip shows the last moments of an altercation between Cornwall and a male passenger. In it, we see her verbally and physically assault the man. The victim called her Karen and told her to sit down. That’s why she’s been dubbed the Delta Karen by many on the internet.

That video doesn’t show the beginning of the altercation, though. According to federal court records obtained by the New York Post, the early moments showed peak Karen behavior. First, Cornwall was on her way back to her seat from the restroom. However, a flight attendant with a beverage cart was blocking the walkway. The attendant asked the one-time Baywatch actress to find a vacant seat and wait for her to finish with the cart. This didn’t sit well with the former Raiderette.

“What am I, Rosa Parks?” she asked. The man in the video couldn’t take any more of Delta Karen’s antics. Little did he know, she was just getting started. According to court records he informed her that she isn’t black, they were not in Alabama, and they weren’t on a bus.

This is about where the video picks up, with the two passengers screaming at one another. It is also mere moments before Delta Karen goes off on the man. However, before she escalates the argument to violence, she yells at the male passenger to “mask up,” and tells a flight attendant to tell the passenger to wear a mask. She does all this as her own cloth face-covering sits below her chin, leaving her mouth and nose exposed.

Cornwall Faces Federal Charges

In the video, we can hear the victim telling the Delta Karen that she is going to jail. It turns out that he was correct.

When the plane landed at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, police took her into custody. Later, authorities transferred her to FBI custody. She faces a federal assault charge and was told that she was not allowed to fly except to return home to Los Angeles. Cornwall posted a $20,000 bond on Monday after spending the Christmas weekend in federal custody.