Desert Storm Veteran Opens Up Patriotic Sub Shop, Serves First Responders for Free

by Michael Freeman

Everyone has their own way to give back to those who served and our first responders. A Desert Storm veteran is doing his part by not only opening a patriotic sub shop but serving the two groups for free.

Bobby Howard proudly owns Howie’s Premium Subs and Shakes, a sub restaurant in Texas. The Desert Storm veteran touts it as a place of patriotism, proudly displaying things depicting what our military does, such as photos of Navy history and flags lining the ceiling. One of the biggest gestures of patriotism though is the fact both veterans and first responders can eat there for free, KRIS 6 News reports.

“They save our freedoms for us, so we want to always remember all of our veterans,” Howard said. “There’s a place that thanks them (veterans) for their service, that thanks them for everything that they do. I want them to feel … home.”

The free meals work through an illuminated “Pay It Forward” board. The board displays meals previous patrons purchased for veterans and first responders to get free food. “I know these veterans don’t always get the respect everywhere they go, and I wanna make sure that they’re always feeling the love that we have,” said Howie’s General Manager Jess Mowdy.

The kindness to veterans and first responders applies to the sub shop’s employees too. Howie’s employee Peter Kircher is a Navy veteran himself and loves the work there. “They treat you very well,” he told the news outlet. “Always accommodating to your schedule. It helps me keep busy. It keeps me occupied it gives me people to be responsible to and responsible for.”

Air Force Veteran Shares Emotional Artwork Depicting a Life of Military Service

Bobby Howard expresses his appreciation and gives back through his sub shop, but many find art to be therapeutic. On that note, an emotional work of art is making the rounds online after an Air Force veteran shared it on social media outlets.

Nitin Welde shared the touching artwork on Twitter a few days ago. A former Indian Air Force (IAF) group captain, he received the art on WhatsApp. Sadly, he got it anonymously and has no idea who originally created it. The piece was created on a long street of paper and tells a story as you fold it horizontally. Though some parts will likely make you smile, others will pull at your heartstrings. For instance, we see a soldier hugging his wife in one panel, but a row of caskets in another.

As of now, the Twitter video has amassed more than 900,000 views and reception to it is overwhelmingly positive. According to many users, it seems to depict the attack on a convoy of security personnel in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama in 2019.