Detroit Lions’ Darrell Bevell Talks Cougar Hunting with Brett Favre

by Keeli Parkey

Darrell Bevell recently took on a new role as the interim head coach of the Detroit Lions. With so much on his plate, he still had time to look back on a hunting trip with an NFL legend.

During a recent interview, Bevell recounted the trip he shared with famed quarterback Brett Favre to hunt for cougars.

“I have a cousin that’s down in Southern Utah,” Bevell said. “We were able to track a couple, and then it was actually quite an experience. I think we rode horses for like 18 miles first, and then jumped off the horses, jumped in a car and started cutting roads and looking for tracks. The dogs were able to go out, I mean, we were able to find just a beautiful cougar and take a look at.”

Bevell went on to say that Favre was hunting with a bow.

“… I think he only had four arrows, and at the end there were no arrows left but the cougar was still running,” Darrell Bevell reportedly said. “So we can finish the rest of that story later.”

It’s not surprising that Bevell and Favre would be hunting buddies. Bevell started as an assistant quarterbacks coach for the Green Bay Packers during Favre’s tenure in 2000. Bevell was promoted to lead quarterbacks coach in 2003 where he worked closely with Favre, reported.

Darrell Bevell brought his experience as a quarterback for Wisconsin during the 1990s with him to the Packers. He reportedly first met Favre during a photoshoot in 1995 after concluding his successful career with the Badgers. While playing in Madison, Bevell became the program’s all-time leading passer.

Bevell started as coach of the Lions with a victory over Chicago. Next up for the new coach? Who else but the Green Bay Packers.