‘Dexter: New Blood’: Here’s What Song Played at the End of Episode 5 ‘Runaway’

by Jacklyn Krol

What was the song playing at the end of the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood?

Episode 5 entitled “Runaway” aired on Sunday night. If fans played close attention, they would realize that Hall and his band created and recorded the song that played during the end credits.

Hall sang and wrote “Ketamine” alongside his band, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. Their music is described as avant-garde. You can compare them to an experimental version of David Bowie. Maybe even another classic 80s supergroup that dives into glam, experimental, electronic, and ambient music.

The irony is what happens at the end of the episode. Fans find Dexter trying to find the drug to sedate a victim. After he gets the drug from Iron Lake’s veterinarian, he runs into a mishap where he has to improvise on the spot.

‘Ketamine’ Inspiration

Hall revealed to  Collider that he was inspired to write the lyrics after an encounter with his then-girlfriend and now wife, Morgan Hall.

“The phenomenon of being on your own trip in life, [but] also taking a trip alongside someone else,” he said of the inspiration. “And the struggle of honoring the times when those trips are very different.” He added that the song is about relationships while “trying to maintain whatever is of value to you without completely abandoning the trip you’re creating with someone else, and vice versa.”

You can’t help but feel a sense of an audio hallucination and an overall ethereal feeling. The Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum’s keyboardist Katz-Bohen was able to achieve a haunting sound in an unprecedented manner. He played an upright piano from the 1960s. He flipped the audio backward while adding distortion, reverb, and a delay to create an otherworldly melody.

The music video is just as epic, watch it below.

What’s to Come For ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Firstly, Dexter: New Blood is already a hit among fans for leaving them on the edge of their seats. Showtime revealed new details about Season 1 Episode 6 entitled “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches.” The episode is set to premiere on December 12.

The official description teases that somebody has learned of Jim Lindsay’s secret identity. Dexter now believes that he is not the only serial killer in town. Meanwhile, Harrison “spirals out of control” during a wrestling match. Finally, Angela will make a “dark discovery” of her own.

The network also revealed that the December 19 episode is going to leave fans second-guessing themselves.

Dexter is worried that a serial killer may have set its sights on someone he cares deeply about. So, he turns form predator to protector… a role he’s not comforable playing. Meanwhile Angela arrests someone from Iron Lake who may be the culprit of a cold case that is near and dear to her heart. Dexter and Harrison run into some more bumps in the road in their relationship, leading Harrison to turn to a very dangerous person as his father figure.