Disabled Veterans to Receive 8.7% Pay Bump in 2023

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Disabled veterans are receiving a significant pay raise from the VA in 2023. The new rates increase by 8.7%, according to Combat Craig.

“VA disability is tied to the social security cost of living increase,” he said on his YouTube channel. “And it was just announced. This is official. This is the largest increase that we’ve had in 40 years.”

Craig then broke down what that means for disabled veterans.

“So if you take $1,000 and [multiply] that by 1.087, that equals $1,087,” he explained. “Now plug it in to whatever your number currently is – 1.087 – and that’s going to be your increase.”

The raise for disabled veterans is coming soon.

“This goes into effect December 1, 2022,” he said. “That’s when it is when it is ‘effective.’ but we don’t actually see it until our January 2023 payment. So if you have a 100% VA disability rating, here’s what that looks like.”

It would be a rate of $3,332.06 a month for the 100% disabled veterans rating. That would increase to $3,621.94.

Disable Veterans Receiving Largest Pay Increase in 40 Years

He then explained how that all works for disabled veterans with their dependents and more. It also includes things like benefits and birth defect compensation.

There are plenty of folks helping disabled veterans and giving their time to the cause. The United Sportsman Alliance hosted a Dream Hunt recently for veterans and disabled youth to experience Southern Illinois deer hunting. The event was attended by folks from as far away as South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

“It was really fun,” said one of the participants named Bryonna Dunning. “It’s honestly – it’s my first deer, my first hunting trip. So I think it was really fun and it was a good memory to have.”

There were some hunters at the event that had spent a little more time hunting.

“It’s pretty fun to be honest,” said Bobbi Finney. “It was exciting. It wasn’t my first time. But I’ve also gone bear hunting and others over too.”

Ron McCarthy is a volunteer for the event. The Dream Hunt for disabled veterans started 20 years ago. He’s been there since the beginning.

“It’s great every year,” he said. “But I’ve seen, like, four kids get their first deer. There’s nothing better than that.”

Veterans are also important to country star Blake Shelton. He spent some time visiting a disabled veteran earlier this summer. And in November, he’ll step in for Toby Keith to perform a Salute to Heroes concert on Veterans Day. The concert takes place in Indio, Calif. near the site of Coachella. It’s his last show of the year before he heads out on a full tour in February.