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Disney Announces The Dole Whip Will Be Available When Park Reopens

by Will Shepard
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Disney is finally reopening Disneyland on April 30 after more than a year of the park’s doors being shut. Perhaps the most important food-related news about the reopening is that the California park will be serving the Dole Whip.

This means that Disney really can call the park “The Happiest Place On Earth.” On Thursday, April 15, the company’s official TikTok account spread the news that Dole Whip is making its return.

For many people, this might be the best news of the day as the pineapple soft-serve is finally back alongside the park’s return. The company joyously shared the news on its social media account.

“We were at Disneyland and saw cast members with Dole Whip,” the TikTok narrator stated. “You know we asked where they found that, because, um, the park is kind of closed. Turns out they were testing the machines for opening and sharing it with the cast.”

At the end of the video, the person behind the camera thanked a person named Ali. Undoubtedly the cameraman was given one of the delicious Dole Whip frozen treats.

Disney Is Thankfully Returning Dole Whip to Disneyland

Dole Whip has a devout following, inspiring people to travel miles for the frozen dessert. So, Disney bringing the treat back to Disneyland makes complete sense from a business point.

However, Dole Whip has a long history at the park. In 1986, it made its debut in Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room. But its announced return sent waves of excitement through the social media site.

Even though Disney’s parks were closed last spring, the company tried to let their fans enjoy a little taste of the real thing from the confines of their homes. So, they released the Dole Whip recipe for people to make at home. Now, though, the real thing is back at Disneyland.

Hundreds of TikTok users expressed their elation for Disney bringing the treat back. A flurry of comments flooded the company’s page.

One person commented, “The best snack at Disney.” Another person offered up a pun, saying that they “Dole mind if I do!” And others couldn’t help but share how much they had missed the delectable soft-serve.

So, when the park opens to California resident’s expect the line at the Dole Whip shop to be miles long. Hopefully, Disney will know just how popular the treat will be, and the park won’t sell out.