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Disney World’s Splash Mountain Closes, and People Are Selling a Gross Memento Apparently From the Ride

by Shelby Scott
Disney World Orlando's Splash Mountain
(Photo by BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images)

Earlier this month, Disney Parks closed one of its most well-known attractions: Splash Mountain. Erected in Orlando’s Disney World in 1992, Splash Mountain was formerly one of the park’s most popular rides. Its closure just days ago has sparked an outcry among brand enthusiasts. Nevertheless, in an effort to modernize the ride and the park overall, Disney execs have decided to turn the log flume ride into an attraction dedicated to The Princess and the Frog‘s Princess Tiana. In the meantime, Splash Mountain enthusiasts have headed online, claiming to sell a gross memento directly from the ride itself.

According to People, handfuls of Disney lovers have taken to eBay claiming to sell water straight from Splash Mountain. And given the sheer number of visitors that floated the log flume prior to its closure, we can’t even begin to imagine what additional unseen mementos are contained in that water.

Regardless, some people have already begun to make a profit on their bags and vials of Splash Mountain waters. Per the news outlet, a photo from one eBay posting shows four ounces of water contained in a decorated plastic bag. The seller has the listing priced at an extremely affordable $3.75. The contents of the bag are written on it in black permanent marker. By Monday evening, the baggie had eight bids and 21 watchers.

Another person claiming to sell water from Disney’s Splash Mountain aims to make a much larger profit. Their eBay post shows a small mason jar, again filled with four ounces of water. The jar itself is propped in front of a “Splash Mountain” sign for flair. Their listing reads, “Water captured from Disneys Splash Mountain on 1/22/2023 the last day of the ride! We have a limited amount!” This Disney tchotchke is currently listed for $149.95.

Disney Has Long Planned on Revamping Splash Mountain

Despite outcry from Disney enthusiasts, the news outlet further states that the iconic American company has long planned on revamping the fan-favorite attraction. Reports state the former Splash Mountain will remain a log flume—as it’s been since 1992. However, the park plans on changing its overall theme.

When the ride was initially erected, designers used characters and storylines based on the 1946 film Song of the South. Before making the decision to revamp the ride, Disney began to come under fire as many park enthusiasts claimed it and the film alike perpetuated problematic post-Civil War era stereotypes, especially in regard to race.

Moving forward, future Disney Park visitors can instead expect to take a log flume ride on Princess Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The revamped attraction plans to open in 2024, though plans for the redesign have been in the works for several years. Park executives announced in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, that Splash Mountain would soon get a refresh.