Disneyland Reportedly Getting Rid of Annual Pass Program, Introducing New System With Massive Price Tag

by Megan Molseed

The idea of having a “Magic Key” to one of the most magical places on earth sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Well, that depends on who you talk to, really. After ending their regular annual passport program earlier this year, Disneyland Resort has announced a replacement for the popular program. The “Magic Key.”

Magic Key Offers Discounts To Disneyland Visitors

Similar to the Disneyland passport program, the Magic Key offers a variety of options to Disneyland Resort visitors. The Magic Key passes are offered in tiers giving Disneyland goers flexibility when they visit the popular California theme park. Often offering cheaper options.

The Magic Key option includes four levels. The Imagine Key pass, which is available only to Southern California residents; the Enchant Key pass; the Believe Key pass; and the Dream Key pass.

The Imagine Key pass costs customers a total of $399 and includes select blackout days. It requires two reservations held at once. The pass also includes a ten percent discount on merchandise and dining.

The Enchant Key pass costs Disneyland goers $649. This also includes select block-out days. This pass also includes a ten percent discount on merchandise and dining.

The Believe Key pass costs guests $949. Guests do need to be aware of Blockout days in this pass as well. The ten percent discount on merchandise and dining is also included in the pass. The Believe Key pass holders can also receive fifty percent off parking.

The Dream Key pass costs holders $1399 per year. Dream Key pass holders do not have to work around any blackout dates. This level also includes twenty percent off merchandise and fifteen percent off dining. Free parking is included at this level.

Similar To the Passport

While a Magic Keyholder can only hold a certain number of reservations at a given time depending on the tier they have purchased, another reservation can be made after one is used.

Disneyland Resort parks discontinued the popular annual passports earlier this year after the COVID19 related shutdowns lasted nearly one full year.

Passport passes have been a popular option for Disneyland guests for nearly forty years.

The passes offered Disneyland visitors a variety of options, just as the Magic Key pass program does. It became incredibly popular among visitors as regular prices for admission into the famous theme parks began to rise over the years.

The Magic Key pass is helpful for the parks as, since reopening after the COVID19 shutdowns, the park now requires ticket holders to make reservations before going to the famous theme parks.

Since reopening in April, Disneyland has made some major changes to its admission policy — most notably requiring ticket holders to make a reservation before going to theme parks.

The Magic Key pass will go on sale on August 25. Reservations can be made the same day after purchase.