‘Disneyland’ Sells a Bizzare-Looking Pickle Corn Dog with a Side of Peanut Butter

by Emily Morgan

Disneyland fans have found themselves in quite a pickle after the world-famous amusement park released a new, interesting snack.

This week the Disney Parks highlighted some of the new food and beverage options debuting at Disney World and Disneyland this Spring. However, one item has people wondering if April Fools Day is now a month-long event. The park recently announced that it would add an odd-looking snack. And the internet was not without its remarks.

Enter the Pickle Corn Dog, guaranteed to raise some questions and blood pressure. The Pickle Corn Dog, which park visitors can try at Disneyland’s Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs Cart in Downtown Disney, is described as a “panko-crusted dill pickle corn dog served with a side of peanut butter.” The wildcard addition of the peanut butter is a mystery to us.

Dig a little deeper, and you find out that the pickle corn dog consists of a hollowed-out pickle stuffed with a hot dog, which is then dipped in cornbread batter, and deep-fried.

Online, food bloggers and those brave enough to try it released their own reviews of the bizarre snack. So far, the consensus is that it has mixed reviews. People are calling it “alright” to “pretty good.” On social media, users are divided with some confused and some relishing in the addition.

Disneyland Introduces Pickle Corn Dog, Internet Loses It

“As the expert of all things PB, I would 100% add the peanut butter!! #PeanutButterPlatoon,” one user wrote via Twitter.

One Twitter user got way too specific when they wrote, “This is too reminiscent of a recent colonoscopy though the coloration is distinctly different. A bit.”

Someone else put it perfectly when they added, “Sometimes I really think there is a panel of people throwing darts a couple of food boards lately to see what they’ll combine next. I can hear them all hysterically laughing from here.”

However, a pickle coexisting with a corn dog is, surprisingly, not new. The “Dilly Dog” at the Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers, has offered a similar item. However, their version doesn’t include peanut butter.

For those interested in trying, the corn dogs are currently priced at $13 apiece. The park plans to reopen on April 30 at a limited capacity, with guests required to make reservations before arriving.

Even though “the happiest place on Earth,” is known for catering to children, they’re also known for their adventurous foods. For instance, they’ve been known to serve octopus, grasshoppers, bone marrow, and oxtail.