Diver Narrowly Avoids Colliding With Baby Whale

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Reinhard Dirscherl/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Imagine diving into miles-deep water and seeing a few baby humpback whales circling nearby. The serene moment becomes even more magical as those whales curiously approach you. We’re sure that this is what one diver was feeling – moments before she nearly collided with the large sea creature.

In a video posted by Fox News, 24-year-old Yanna Xian got an up-close and personal encounter with a humpback whale calf while swimming in Tahiti. However, the playful mammal got a little too close – and that’s where you see Xian quickly swim away so she doesn’t accidentally collide with the whale.

The moment was captured on film as Xian makes her free dive. The young whale swims closer and closer to her. However, she cautiously navigates her moves trying to avoid close contact. But the whale calf seems just as curious about her as she is of him. And in a few seconds time, the whale is right next to her.

While the incident wasn’t at all life-threatening, it’s still an encounter that would get anyone’s heart racing. If she hasn’t already, Xian just experienced one of the coolest interactions with a whale in her life.

You can watch the footage here.

Penguin Narrowly Escapes Whale’s Grasp

While Yanna Xian may have been trying to get close to the group of humpback whales in Tahiti, far away in Antarctica, a penguin was desperately trying to avoid whales.

In a video posted by a Youtuber from 2019, a group of tourists got a piece of National Geographic-like footage in person. A small penguin was dodging a killer whale – which was in fast pursuit. The tourists look on watching the whole scenario – before the penguin swims up to their boat and jumps on.

As they sat in their rafts, the tourists root for the gentoo penguin as it glides through the water expertly. It attempts to jump onto the raft once, only to fail miserably. Noticeably tired, the penguin gives it one more try. This time, he’s able to jump onto the side of the small boat. There, he safely rests until he’s ready to brave the water again.

One tourist jokes that the whale might attempt to jump in the boat after him. However, it appears that the whales have given up – and head off to look for an easier catch.

We know that all living creatures have to eat – and the hunt is just a part of the circle of life. However, on this day, it was the underdog who got the last laugh. We hope he’s still swimming around enjoying the cool waters of Antarctica.

Want to see for yourself? Check out the video in our original article here.