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Dodge Creating a ‘Sound You Can Not Imagine’ for New Electric Vehicles

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Uli Deck/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Gone are the days when electric vehicles are virtually silent. Dodge is creating a sound specifically for their new EVs.

Of course, this isn’t completely Dodge’s decision. Cars that use electric motors, even the powerful ones, are usually very quiet. It could be a potential hazard for people walking on the street. Thus, the government has started mandating that EVs broadcast an artificial sound at low speeds. That way, pedestrians will be able to hear them coming.

So, when Dodge introduces its first electric “muscle car” in 2024, we’ll be getting a brand new sound to go along with it.

Stellantis Teases New Dodge Electric Vehicles

Thanks to a recent presentation on the long-term strategic outlook of Stellantis, we now have a better idea of what we can expect from their brands.

When speaking about this new sound for their electric vehicles, Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, had this to say: “We are creating a sound that you can not imagine.” And, apparently, we’re in for a real treat. “It’s something that is shocking,” Tavares added. When Dodge created the sound, they began to think about how to make it louder and more powerful. Not just for the sake of being loud and powerful, though. The sound will be based on how you’re using the car, of course.

Last year, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said that the Dodge brand will always be the #1 focus, even when it comes to EVs. “When we do EV vehicles, we will do Dodge first and then electrification,” he said. He then pointed out that the automaker enhances the sound of the superchargers used on their cars, while other brands choose to make their cars basically silent.

There was a teaser video of this new electric vehicle released. There was some sound in the clip. However, we don’t think it’s anything close to what the final sound will be.

Currently, we don’t know much about this new EV “muscle car.” According to Fox News, a concept version of the car will come out later this year. Then, we’ll have a better picture of what this Dodge EV will be capable of.

Stellantis Unveils Other Cars In the Works

Dodge isn’t the only Stellantis brand that is coming out with new electric vehicles. During the presentation, Tavares announced that Jeep will also be releasing EVs.

We’ll get the first Jeep EV sometime next year, and then another one will follow in 2024. Next year’s car is meant to be a “lifestyle family” SUV, while the 2024 EV will be more suited for off-roading.

Just like the Dodge muscle car, we don’t know much about these new Jeep SUVs. However, the “lifestyle family” SUV looks like it will be comparable to the Jeep Compass.