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Does a House Being Haunted Scare Away Potential Buyers?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

It’s that time of year and haunted houses and the like are all over the place. However, do real homes with creepy histories suffer in the market? That might not be the case.

Apparently, homebuyers don’t mind some extra roommates. Houses that come with reputations for being haunted are still sought-after properties. Buyers ain’t scared of no ghosts! While ghouls and spirits won’t deter buyers, plenty of other issues will.

According to one survey, Americans have their own feelings about ghosts in their homes. A majority of those surveyed said they would buy a house that was haunted. 53% of them said that they would try to use that information to get a better price on the house. Negotiations might be made easier if there is an unwanted presence in the house.

Apparently, the current housing market environment has made buyers more open to buying a haunted house. 73% said they would buy a haunted house while in 2020 that number was down at just 59%. Perhaps it is the time of year that has folks thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad if they had a ghost wandering around the home. Less money to spend on Halloween decorations when the poltergeist has already covered the wall in blood and ectoplasm.

Whatever the reason, it seems that Americans are not too worried about the supernatural. In the last year, it appears that people have embraced the unexplainable. This survey revealed a lot about respondents. If you are one who believes in statistics, then this might have something to say about the American public at large.

44% of Americans Believe They Live in Haunted Houses

This is a study that was conducted last year as well. So, there are numbers that we can compare when it comes to how Americans feel about their homes. While in 2020 only 24% of respondents said they believed their house was haunted the number this year is much higher.

Almost twice what it was last year, 44% of respondents said that they believe they live in a haunted house. It is interesting to see when Americans embrace the supernatural. With such chaotic times, it seems that the job market, pandemic, and everything else in the last year or more has folks looking to other places for answers. Or, people got to spend a lot of time at home and realize they didn’t know their floors made that noise.

Those who said they believe they lived in a haunted house reported cold spots, being touched or watched, and seeing strange happenings at home. Despite whether someone believes they are buying a haunted house or not, it isn’t a major factor. Buyers are more worried about other factors such as the price and location of a home.