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Does This Wild Video Show UFO Flying Over Kansas City?

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Sobli/RDB/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Last week, video footage captured what looks to be a UFO spinning and flying over Kansas City, Kansas. It sure doesn’t look like a plane. The footage, captured by Alvaro Agon, showed a metallic unidentified object whirling around the sky near the Bank of America in Overland Park.

In the video, which is less than a minute long, we see something far off in the sky. From this distance, it’s hard to make out any identifying features. Even if the video was closer it would still be hard to make out, though. This Kansas City UFO is shaped sort of like a diamond, or maybe a cone. We can see the side of it reflecting in the sun as it turns. The longer the video goes, the more it looks like the UFO is being blown by the wind. At one point, we stop seeing any reflection from the sun and only see the dark object flying across the sky. It looks almost normal. Then, the object starts moving again, and we can see its oddly smooth yet angular shape.

You can see the video for yourself below. What do we think, Outsiders? A UFO? Someone’s rogue drone? Or maybe one of those really shiny grocery store balloons? We’ll probably never know for certain. This video might not have ever been seen, but thankfully it was sent in to KMHO Radio after there were other UFO sightings in the Midwest.

This Kansas City UFO Isn’t The Only Weird-Looking Thing That’s Been Captured On Camera

When we hear about UFOs, we really hear about two distinct categories: there are the normal-looking UFOs – spheres, balls of light, your average saucer-shaped flying objects, etc. And then there are the UFOs that are just downright strange. For example, our Kansas City UFO looks a little bit triangular, which is a little bit out of the norm. Even more, so is this UFO captured on camera in Chile. This UFO was reportedly cigar-shaped.

Hugo Franzani, 81, was the person who managed to catch this strange sighting on his cell phone. “The light was way too bright, a drone can’t give off a light that spectacular” Hugo said. When asked about the UFO, he said that it looked like a cigar and had two beams on it, much like headlights. It would disappear and then reappear in the sky. “It would do a drop of 3-4 inches, then it would go back up, go to one side, stop, move sideways, stop,” Hugo added. “Then it started to scoot sideways. That’s when he went to get the binoculars and that’s all we got.” He got a whopping two minutes of video of the thing, whatever it is.

We might just be ramping up for a UFO-filled year. If you’re wondering what your chances are of having your very own UFO sighting, we’ve broken UFO sightings down by state.