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Dog the Bounty Hunter Addresses Reports He’s Pitching Brian Laundrie Manhunt Show to TV Network

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

Dog the Bounty Hunter managed to rack up a pretty impressive net worth over the past handful of decades. Currently estimated at around $6 million, a lot of this success does come from his time on TV. However, he was eventually forced to take a brief hiatus from his series. Ultimately, his past came to haunt him. When accounts of allegedly racist and homophobic tirades sprung up, the network felt no choice but to pull the plug.

Eventually, Dog returned to entertainment, but in somewhat of a reduced capacity. So, his insertion into the Gabby Petito case raised a lot of eyebrows and drew in heavy criticism from some. Rumors then swirled of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s plans to create a show centered around the Brian Laundrie manhunt, which didn’t help his cause. He recently addressed those reports and isn’t happy with them.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Could an A&E Show Be in the Works or Not?

In a recent interview, Dog the Bounty Hunter directly addressed all the rumors surrounding his show pitches to A&E. He starts off by saying the following: “Anything about us ever going to A&E, that is a lie. Will this search cause us to get a show? I doubt it.” 

The interview may seem confusing, however, for several reasons. The rumors from A&E that he’s talking about supposedly came from an insider directly connected to the network. And this insider swears Dog the Bounty Hunter did, in fact, pitch several ideas that were then “immediately passed on” by the network.

Then, later on in the same interview, Dog further makes further mention of potentially pitching a show. Initially, he said he thinks his team would find trouble getting a show centered around the manhunt. However, he goes on to say that TV is his career and the only thing he knows how to do for a living. Over the past 20+ years, he’s worked with a handful of networks and he’s confident his team can “get good ratings everywhere.” He says, “Is it going to be easy for us to get a show? Absolutely.”

It’s a bit hard to get a grip on whether Dog truly thinks it will be difficult to get a show or if he doesn’t foresee his team running into any problems. To that end, only time will tell if there’s any possibility of a Dog the Bounty Hunter show about the Brian Laundrie manhunt coming to A&E.

Dog Found His Will for Bountyhunting Again Through Francie and God

Dog got emotional talking about the loss of his previous wife, Beth, but said his new wife has helped him tremendously. After his most recent wedding and marriage to Francie, Dog said “I feel like Dog again.”

He also said he strongly believed that God played a role in bringing the Brian Laundrie search to him to reignite his passion for bounty hunting.