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Dog the Bounty Hunter Doesn’t Have a Believer in Marco Rubio as He Searches for Brian Laundrie

by Jacklyn Krol
Bauer-Griffin, Getty Images

Marco Rubio isn’t holding his breath that Dog the Bounty Hunter will catch Brian Laundrie.

In a new interview with TooFab, the Florida Senator and Acting Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee spoke about the Gabby Petito case and his lack of faith in Dog the Bounty Hunter.

“I mean, it looks like all the authorities are looking for him,” Rubio began. “But this guy’s out there you know living off the woods, nobody knows where he is. If he’s out there in nature. We don’t have caves in Florida but, you know, living in a big National Park or whatever.”

Rubio explained that the manhunt is different than in a city. When in a city or even town, authorities rely on a money trail like a credit card or even a cell phone or laptop for pings to determine a location. He doesn’t believe that he can continue to hide from video surveillance and without an ATM.

“He’ll eventually be found,” he reassured. “You can’t live out there forever, something’s gonna get you. You’ll eventually have to come out.”

He hopes that they will find answers for Gabby Petito’s family. While he didn’t call out or accuse Brian or his parents of committing crimes, if he was in the position, he would be questioning it too. Especially when they haven’t cooperated with law enforcement.

“I don’t want to prejudge them, I think there’s a lot of questions about what happened early on,” he said. “But I’ll leave that to the authorities … suffice it to say this guy needs to be found one way or the other, you’re never gonna get an answer and you’re not gonna have justice here until this individual is found.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter on the Case!

When it comes to Dog the Bounty Hunter joining the team, he isn’t ready to bet on him. Chapman famously joined the search while he was on his honeymoon in Florida when the case sparked media attention last month. He recently had to head home to Colorado to recover from an ankle injury but he is processing leads down there. He also assembled a local Florida team to work the case on the ground. Meanwhile, he will only resume his honeymoon when Laundrie is caught.

“I’ve never seen him bounty hunt someone out in the Everglades,” Rubio said of Dog the Bounty Hunter. “I mean, that’s a different thing … one thing is when someone’s out there hiding in someone’s apartment or, you know, going to different places, but when you’re out there in the woods in Florida, in the swamp.”

“You just gotta smoke him out, just wait till he comes out for it, you know, because eventually you’ve gotta come out. You can’t be out there forever,” he concluded.