Dog the Bounty Hunter Fans Are Missing Beth Chapman Amid Brian Laundrie Manhunt

by Kati Michelle

The public’s opinions surrounding Dog the Bounty Hunter continue to span both ends of the spectrum: you love him or hate him. This is especially true since he announced his presence in the search for Brian Laundrie. Many attack the reality star and accuse him of showboating for the press. They evidence this by his announcement that he’s trying to return to TV. Others think he’s just doing what he’s good at see value beneath the entertainment surface. This crowd uses evidence from the thousands of captures he has to his name.

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, the guy’s had a tough go over the past couple of years. He lost both his beloved daughter and wife in the span of the same year back in 2019. As he heads the Manhunt for Brian Laundrie at Florida’s Fort De Soto Campgrounds, fans are missing Dog the Bounty Hunter’s partner in crime, Beth Chapman.

Remembering Beth Chapman

Beth Chapman ultimately succumbed to lung cancer in June of 2019. An initial diagnosis in September two years prior caught throat cancer at Stage 2. While she appeared to fight it off and go into remission, the cancer sadly spread to her lungs. She eventually ended up in a medically induced coma and then died shortly thereafter.

Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter shared a long relationship. On the eve of their wedding together, they, unfortunately, lost Barbara Katy Chapman. The 23-year-old daughter of Dog found herself in a terrible car accident with a friend also present in the vehicle. Dog found out just before the wedding ceremony was set to begin. Although he pondered postponing the event, he decided to use the day to celebrate her life instead. Dog and Beth went on to share a marriage spanning over a decade.

Although Dog took the spot as a resident bounty hunter in each of his TV series, fans will remember Beth as his trusty sidekick. She, too, got a taste of the bounty hunter life in Dog the Bounty HunterDog & Beth, and Dog’s Most Wanted. You can stream A&E’s special on the couple here. It’s called “Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives.”

Since her passing, Dog has remarried.

Fans would like to think Beth Chapman is watching from above and rooting for Dog in his search for Brian Laundrie.

Updates in the Search for Brian Laundrie

It’s been a few days since Dog the Bounty Hunter set up camp in Florida with an end goal of capturing Brian Laundrie. While nothing is confirmed, Dog believes there are signs pointing to Brian’s recent visit to the area. He called in boats and ground crews to investigate every corner of the Fort De Soto area, including its surrounding islands. He is now joined by daughter Lyssa as the police maintain their distance and continue their search in the reserve. While it may seem like a competition to some, their end goal remains the same: find Brian Laundrie alive.