‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Finds Fresh Monster Can and Campsite While Searching for Brian Laundrie

by Keeli Parkey

Just what led to the death of 22-year-old Gabby Petito is a question that is on the minds of many people these days. And many people believe that question can be answered when her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, is found. One of the people who has been searching for the 23-year-old is Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The reality television star, whose real name is Duane Chapman, shared an update about his search for Laundrie via social media on Wednesday, Sept. 29. Based on this post, Chapman found items during his search in Florida that could have belonged to Laundrie. However, the findings aren’t conclusive.

“Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman discovered a campsite and fresh Monster can deep in the woods while searching Shell Island off the coast of Florida for Brian Laundrie Wednesday,” Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Instagram reported late in the evening.

The social media post also described the condition of the Monster drink can. But, the can was not enough to really give searchers an idea of Brian Laundrie’s location.

“The Monster can showed no rust or faded colors, according to a Fox News Digital reporter on the scene with Chapman. But Chapman and his team found no conclusive evidence that Laundrie was still on Egmont Key,” the Instagram post also shared.

You can check out the Instagram post by Dog the Bounty Hunter below.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Is Searching for Brian Laundrie in Different Locations Than Law Enforcement

The death of Gabby Petito has made national news for several weeks now. She and Brian Laundrie were traveling across the United States and into the West in their white Ford van. They were documenting their travels on social media and YouTube as they went along.

Petito was last seen on Aug. 24. Laundrie returned to the Florida home he shared with his parents on Sept. 1. It was on Sept. 11 that Petito’s parents reported that she had gone missing. Laundrie was last seen on Sept. 14.

Gabby Petito’s body was found on Sept. 19 in Wyoming. An autopsy ruled that her death was a homicide. For more than a week, law enforcement officials – including the FBI – have been searching for Laundrie in Florida. Dog the Bounty Hunter recently joined in on the search.

Since joining in, Dog the Bounty Hunter has set up a base of operations in Florida. He has also claimed that Laundrie and his family went to the Fort De Soto Park two different times. One of these visits, according to Dog the Bounty Hunter, took place from Sept. 1 through Sept. 3. The other, he claimed, occurred from Sept. 6 through Sept. 8.

Here’s what Chapman recently said to Fox News about this information: “Allegedly, what we’re hearing, is two people left on the 8th. Three people came in on the 6th, and two people left on the 8th. I think he’s been here for sure.”

This means, according to Chapman, that Laundrie has not been in the swamp where much of the law enforcement search for Laundrie has focused. That area is known as the Carlton Reserve. However, the search by Chapman has drawn criticism from some.