Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Son Garry Hospitalized After Four-Wheeler Wreck

by Jacklyn Krol
Dog the bounty hunter son garry

Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman’s son, Garry, has been hospitalized after a four-wheeler accident.

Dog and his fiancee Francie Frane told The Sun that Garry recently got into a “wreck” while driving a four-wheeler. Frane explained that her son Greg and his wife took him to the hospital and are “really close with Garry.”

“He has a slight fracture in his tailbone, and a slight concussion,” Dog shared. “They’re taking care of him now,” Frane added. “What they’re building is so [great]. So, the kids are building a relationship, and we’re building a relationship.”

Greg also took Garry home to recover after he was cleared for release from the hospital.

All About Garry

During Dog and Frane’s interview, Duane called Garry a “little Beth.” He also revealed that he was hesitant to let his fiancee in because he “did not like any woman at all” that was around Dog. But now, “Garry boy talks to Francie more than” Dog, himself! “I’m building a really great relationship with him,” Frane admitted. “I love him so much.”

Garry is Beth and Dog’s youngest son and currently lives in Colorado with the family.

Garry’s Tribute to Beth

Garry has not spoken out about Beth on social media until the first anniversary of her death on June 26. Garry shared a black and white image of Beth tubing down a river. “I guess I have to realize that it’s only been 1 year,” he wrote. “So many things have happened that I want to tell you about, and obviously so many things I need advice on.”

“You always knew the path I was on and where it lead which helped you give me invaluable advice,” he continued. “To think I’ve not been able to lean on you for a year now makes me uneasy; but if your lessons taught me anything I can’t stop, I must keep going, until my dreams are a reality.”