Dog the Bounty Hunter Insists He Is Continuing Search for Brian Laundrie Despite Injury

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s made some wild claims over the past couple of weeks. He’s faced some heat for it online, too. Despite his team’s push for a new TV show featuring behind-the-scenes cuts from his Brian Laundrie search, apparently, some networks don’t want to be involved. Now, add a million-dollar lawsuit in the mix, and it looks like the ole Dog just can’t catch a break.

Actually, the only break Dog might have caught has something to do with his ankle. Over the past weekend, Dog reached out to reporters to relay word about an injury he had sustained during the search. He didn’t give many details. However, it led people to wonder if it’s a minor sprain or something like a more severe break. Regardless, he and his daughter insist he is continuing the search for Brian Laundrie. Although the temporary hiatus puts him back in Colorado.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Has Other Matters to Attend to, Says Spokesperson

Jennifer Willingham represents Dog the Bounty Hunter and his team as one of their official spokespersons. She tells the media: “Dog has not ended his search for Brian Laundrie. Dog and Francie Chapman need to attend to a variety of matters at home in Colorado, including Dog’s ankle injury which occurred during the search.”

She also goes a little more into detail about the team that Dog left behind in Florida. He dubbed this the “Florida Team” the other day and it’s basically an unofficial investigative team outfitted with locals. Dog the Bounty Hunter also continues to find support in his daughter Lyssa Chapman and step-son, Greg Zecca. The whole of them relies on their still-active tipline 833-TELLDOG.

Now, we haven’t heard much about Greg Zecca since the start of his involvement with Dog the Bounty Hunter’s search for Brian. Zecca’s Instagram bio reads “34, Parker, Colorado, Love Jesus, Father, Bounty Hunter, Podcaster, Small Business Owner, Adventurer, American, Man, Iron Council – BT Sentinel 🗡️✝️🇺🇸.” He also seems to take after the family business running a bounty hunter site of his own. You can find it at

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