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Dog the Bounty Hunter Investigating Murder Linked to Gabby Petito-Brian Laundrie Case: Report

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Dog the Bounty Hunter became fairly involved in the Gabby Petito case and often offered his own input and thoughts as to what was going on. After someone pleaded with Dog for help investigating a murder linked to the case, he is reportedly going to Utah to do so.

Sean-Paul Schulte took to Facebook and asked Dog for help investigating his daughter Kylen Schulte and her wife Crystal Turner. After authorities found the couple dead at a Utah campsite in August, people began speculating Laundrie may have been there when it happened. After Schulte’s post went viral, Dog reportedly got in contact with him and said he would go to Moab to help The Sun stated.”I’ve spoken with Dog three times now. He’s coming back to Moab again to help us!!! JJ n Dog. Plus the essentials. Praise the Lord,” Schulte wrote.

Though law enforcement hasn’t confirmed it, many think the couple shot pool with Petito and Laundrie. Their deaths occurred mere days after Gabby and Brian were said to have been. The instance cited is when the two argued at Moab’s Moonflower Co-Op, where Kylen just so happened to work. Fueling the speculation flames, Kylen and Crystal told friends they were moving campsites. The reason they gave was a “weirdo camping near them that was freaking them out.”

Officials later deemed the married couple’s deaths were not linked to Gabby’s murder. Nonetheless, Sean-Paul Schulte still questions whether his daughter and her spouse played pool with Gabby and Brian before their deaths. Additionally, he doesn’t know if the “creepy” man referred to Brian. “We don’t know if it was him. It was a couple. A young couple.”

While there are certainly some coincidences, hopefully, Dog can help with Sean-Paul’s investigation.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Tributes his Wife’s Ex-Husband in Touching Tribute

As evidenced by him helping Sean-Paul Schulte with his investigation, Dog the Bounty Hunter has a big heart. Another recent display of that was offering a touching tribute to his wife Francie Frane’s ex-husband.

On December 30, Dog posted an old photo on Instagram of his new wife and her late husband, Bob Freyn, with one another. In it, we see her head lovingly nestled against his shoulder and Bob wearing a huge grin on his face. Acknowledging how great Bob was to Francie, Dog offers heartfelt sentiment about the loss and promises to be there for her.

“Three years ago today Bob Freyn left earth for heaven I am so sorry Francie I love you and I promise you I will try to be at least half the Man Bob was to you,” the caption reads.

Both Dog and Frane lost their spouses within six months of one another, so they seem to have helped one another get through their grief.