Dog the Bounty Hunter Has Been Reportedly Putting in 20-Hour Days Searching for Brian Laundrie

by Keeli Parkey

The search by law enforcement for Brian Laundrie in connection with the death of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, has been going on for more than a month. For several weeks, reality television star Dog the Bounty Hunter Hunter has been conducting his own search for the 23-year-old Laundrie.

According to TMZ, Dog the Bounty Hunter – whose real name is Duane Lee Chapman – has been injured during his search for Laundrie. One of the most severe is an injury to one of the 68-year-old’s ankles. However, according to sources, those injuries are not preventing him from the work of locating Laundrie.

Those of you who have been following the story of Gabby Petito and the search for Brian Laundrie will know that the search for him has been focused in Florida. The search has particularly focused on the Carlton Reserve, which is a nature reserve in the Sunshine State.

Of course, Dog the Bounty Hunter traveled to Florida to participate in the search for Laundrie. During his time in Florida, the reality television star went into the marshy Florida swamps and battled the conditions there. Sources have reported that Chapman was working 20-hour days as he searched for Brian Laundrie in Florida.

It was also during his time there that he suffered an ankle injury. His time in the Florida swamps also left him bloodied from scratches he sustained in the field. Those injuries sent Dog the Bounty Hunter back to his home base in Colorado to recover.

However, while he is on the mend, he continues his search for Brian Laundrie by examining tips that have been submitted about to Chapman. In fact, Dog the Bounty Hunter has received more than 4,000 tips about Laundrie.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Others Have Been Searching for Brian Laundrie For Several Weeks

Duane Lee Chapman is expected to get back in the field to search for Laundrie when he recovers from his injuries.

Gabby Petito was 22 years old at the time of her death. Her body was found on Sept. 19 in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. An autopsy later revealed that her death was caused by homicide. Weeks later, it was reported that her cause of death was strangulation.

Gabby Petito had not been seen alive since late August. Petito and Laundrie had been traveling in the American West in a white Ford van at the time of her disappearance.

He, however, returned to the North Point, Florida, home where he lived with his parents – Chris and Roberta Laundrie – on Sept. 1. Petito was not with him when he arrived in Florida. However, Laundrie returned to his Florida home with the white van.

It was 10 days later on Sept. 11 that Gabby Petito’s family reported her as missing. On Sept. 13 or Sept. 14, Brian Laundrie left his North Point, Florida, home. He has not been seen since.