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Dog the Bounty Hunter Says ’50 Percent of the Time’ Parents Know Where Kids Are Regarding Brian Laundrie Disappearance

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by David Howells/Corbis via Getty Images)

Despite his volatile reputation, the Petito family said they “welcome all help” when asked about the presence of Dog the Bounty Hunter in their New York press conference held on Tuesday. Dog continues to pursue a wealth of leads that keep coming into his anonymous tipline. The hottest tips most recently lead him to a specific campsite in Florida. This area is called Fort De Soto Park. It is located within Pinellas County and hosted the Laundrie family, including Brian Laundrie, at least twice.

Actually, Dog doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. He even set up camp nearby to remain close to the investigation. Although he is not technically mandated to pursue anyone in the state of Florida, Dog says he is cooperating with the police. He let social media users know he won’t reveal any information that could protect the integrity of the case.

While there seem to be some discrepancies surrounding the dates of their visits, the fact that the Laundries reserved the campsite is documented. One couple even thinks they caught Brian Laundrie in the background of one of their selfies. As he dives deeper into the case, Dog’s got some more inklings about the family.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Continues to Call Out Brian Laundrie and His Parents

Media can be a great tool for the dissemination of information quickly. However, that also leaves room for the spreading of rumors and other unsubstantiated claims. Most recently, word started spreading that Brian Laundrie called into Dog the Bounty Hunter’s tipline. Words also spread that Brian’s parents reached out to Dog. Neither rumor is true. Dog got on Instagram to give a quick update the other day and squashed these false claims.

Although he welcomes meetings with both Brian Laundrie and his parents, Dog still has some harsh words for the family. In past days, he already penned a short note regarding Brian’s Wanted poster and repeatedly voiced his inclinations that his parents know more than they are letting on. In talking to Dr. Oz, Dog revealed some new statistics from his prior experience catching bad guys.

The New York Post reports him as saying that about “50 percent of the time,” parents know where their children are. Additionally, “35 percent of the parents help.” If Laundrie’s parents fall into either category, Dog wants the truth. However, the last time that he tried to initiate a conversation with them, it didn’t go so well.

If you forgot, Dog the Bounty Hunter drove to North Port and arrived on the scene of the Laundrie house last week. After scoping out the outside of the house and knocking on the door, Brian Laundrie’s mom, Roberta, made a call to the police. Neither she nor Brian Laundrie’s dad answered the door. Dog then left the scene before police arrived and it became a problem.

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