Dog the Bounty Hunter Slams Brian Laundrie’s Father for Joining Authorities’ in Search for His Son

by Kati Michelle

Dog the Bounty Hunter isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. Actually, that mouth of his has landed him in some pretty hot water in the past. In fact, a host of TV networks allegedly refuse to ever consider working with him again. Still, he seems tethered to the idea of finding Brian Laundrie. He and his daughter join the hoards of people intrigued by the FBI’s latest decision to involve Brian Laundrie’s father in the search for his son. Perhaps it’s a bid to get some of the heat off his legal concerns, or perhaps he feels really passionate about the case– regardless, Dog’s got some pretty big words for the Laundries (again).

Dog the Bounty Hunter Asks “It’s A Little Too Late, Don’t You Think?” Of Brian Laundrie’s Parents

Dog the Bounty Hunter sat down with The Sun for a brief segment for release today, October 8th. He provided some pretty inflammatory comments relating to the Laundrie family and how they’ve handled their involvement with the Gabby Petito investigation. He, like so many others, wants to know why Brian Laundrie’s parents never joined the search for his son until this very moment. The family lawyer alleges they never got the opportunity, but very few people back that logic. Dog asks: “It’s a little too late, don’t you think?”

He then goes on to say that this behavior matches the “MO” or modus operandi of someone “guilty” of “something.” Dog thinks the pressure of the rumors and protesters is actually what’s behind their sudden motivation to “help” find Brian Laundrie. He also says he’s never seen anything like it in the 41 years he’s been in practice. Due to the strange nature of the situation, Dog doesn’t actually believe that the FBI asked for Christopher’s involvement. Instead, he thinks the “ridealong” might have been cleared by the North Port Police Department. Although, he does note that this latter situation is just as strange in his opinion.

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What Do Experts and Dog the Bounty Hunter Agree On?

You might be asking yourself “What do the experts and Dog the Bounty Hunter actually agree on?” Well, it turns out, an Ex-FBI Agent actually seems to echo a lot of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s sentiments herself. Her name is Jennifer Coffindaffer and she gathered nearly 30 years of experience in the federal system over time. Like Dog, she says the unfolding of this investigation takes a departure from what she’s used to. Based on her experiences within the field, she answered some of the public’s most asked questions here as well as here. She also joined Twitter in order to provide more regular updates. Check out her latest thoughts on the search for Brian Laundrie below: