Dog the Bounty Hunter ‘SNL’ Parody Gets Heated Response Online

by Clayton Edwards

Saturday Night Live is back for a brand new season. Already, people are lining up to be offended by a skit on the show. Last night, the show opened with a skit that poked fun at the recent rash of insane school board meetings. The skit contained a line of characters asking off-topic questions and delivering unhinged rants. However, that isn’t what has some peoples’ blood boiling.

During that skit, comedian Pete Davidson appeared as Dog the Bounty Hunter.  In the less than 30 second appearance, the character asks if the school board members know where Brian Laundrie is. Check out the skit below.

Not everyone is offended by Davidson’s Dog the Bounty Hunter impression, though. Several people took to social media to ask for more of that character. In fact, several people would like to see Davidson’s bounty hunter come back as a recurring character,

For instance, KeithWozniak tweeted, “Pete Davidson as Dog the Bounty Hunter needs to be a recurring thing.” However, the tweet from ManicMapGirl might be the strongest positive reaction. She’s using her tweet as a petition to ask for more of Davidson’s spot-on impression.

Those people turned on a comedy show to laugh. They got what they came for. However, others didn’t find Davidson’s impression funny. Unsurprisingly, those people took to Twitter to share just how offended they were by the joke. Several tweets that took longer to type than the duration of the offending portion of the skit called out SNL for their portrayal of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The list of angry tweets is long. However, Sassy_Mel distilled the overall argument into a single post. She called the skit, “Really disgusting and poor taste.” She went on to say that the joke was sick. The Twitter user ended her outraged tweet with “…you POS. Shame on you. Do Better.”

Explaining the Dog the Bounty Hunter Joke

Those who are angry about the skit feel that SNL was making fun of the search for Brian Laundrie. Furthermore, they found it offensive that the comedy show would go anywhere near the Gabby Petito case while so much remains unsolved.

However, SNL and Pete Davidson obviously weren’t making light of the case. They were making fun of Dog the Bounty Hunter. His wild antics, controversial past, and, we’ll say, unorthodox style of dress make him an easy target for comedians. This is especially true when reemerges in the public eye connected to a nationwide manhunt.

Having Dog the Bounty Hunter on the case is a good thing. He has connections and a huge following. As a result, his involvement in the case puts more attention on it. At the same time, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that he’s using the publicity from the case as a springboard to get back on television. After all, he and ThinkFactory Media are currently shopping a new television show that could include his current work on the Petito case.