Dog the Bounty Hunter Wants To Resume His Honeymoon Once Brian Laundrie Is Caught

by Kati Michelle

Dog the Bounty Hunter got hitched for the 6th time back on September 2nd, over a month ago. He said his “I do’s” to Francie Frane in Colorado Springs, despite all the family drama surrounding the event. “This isn’t just a wedding ceremony, it’s going to be a marriage,” Dog told UsWeekly ahead of the wedding. “I knew Francie was the one almost straight away. And we’re both looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.” Still, some of his own offspring remained unconvinced, missing out on invitations to the event. And his long-time supporter Lyssa said the event only exacerbated “ripping their family apart.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his new wife tried to ignore all the outside opinions and opted for a honeymoon in Florida after the ceremonies. Apparently, this is where Francie Frane was born. The honeymoon didn’t last long, because news of the Brian Laundrie search broke out. Dog the Bounty Hunter then immediately felt compelled to pivot and join that search. He has been on the case, unofficially, since. An injury almost stopped him, but he seems to remain as dedicated as ever. And he just revealed his plans to resume the Honeymoon as soon as Brian Laundrie is finally apprehended.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Wife Says “This is No Longer a Honeymoon”

In sitting down for another brief interview, Dog the Bounty Hunter recounted how he and Francie Frane ended up where they’re at today.

“I asked her before we got married, where would you like to go? And she said ‘To Florida to put my feet in the sand, and my ocean.'”

Dog said it took some “righteous indignation” on his part to ask Francie to then join the search for Brian Laundrie instead. To his shock, though, she complied right away because “she loves me.” She said, “Well honey, let’s go get that boy.”

Dog says “So three or four days we were going and we were full of mosquitoes and gnats we see snakes and alligators.” This is when Francie turned to him and said “this is not a honeymoon.” The newlywed couple then decided to return to a proper honeymoon together upon the conclusion of the search.

“So one of the last reasons that I want to catch him- so I could continue my honeymoon,” relays Dog the Bounty Hunter. “I hope that’s not any disrespect to anybody involved in this case because it’s terrible, but that’s where we stand now, in our honeymooning.” 

Dog Hasn’t Forgotten Beth

For fans that might be missing Beth Chapman after cancer cut her life tragically short, Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the same page. Actually, he carries her around with him wherever he goes. She shared this Instagram post about his chest tattoo bearing her name before her passing. Her caption reads: “Seriously dedicated ! Love this guy @duanedogchapman