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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Reveals Distinct Features to Look For in Brian Laundrie Search

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Jason Kempin/ACMA2013/Getty Images for ACM)

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s continued involvement with the Gabby Petito case and search for Brian Laundrie is complicated at best. He really has no jurisdiction within Florida at all, but this hasn’t slowed him down.

After securing the De Soto lead from his anonymous tip line, he brought in land and water crews as well as search dogs in the hopes of locating Brian. Despite his own claims that this comes from a good place, others aren’t so convinced. Some of his own offspring have even taken to publicly bashing him for what they consider shady ulterior motives related to the search.

At the end of the day, though, Lyssa Chapman stays loyal to her dad. She continues to aid him in his ventures and believes he’s on the right path. She also regularly updates her social media pages with any new information she receives as it is verified. One of her latest Tweets includes what distinct features to look for as Brian Laundrie remains MIA.

Spotting Brian Laundrie: What to Look For

With so many unsubstantiated claims flying around and so many hoax spottings, Lyssa Chapman wants to set the record straight. She thinks that the key to confirming a Brian Laundrie sighting is in the physical parts of him that he cannot change easily. For example, he has certain tattoos and birthmarks that may be easily identifiable. These are the distinct features that she wants people to look out for.

Check out her tweet here:

North Carolina police are stuck combing through dozens of calls from people that think they spotted Laundrie in the area. The FBI also scheduled to meet with a hiker who says he irrefutably knows he ran into Brian Laundrie on the Appalachian Trail. Details surrounding yesterday’s meeting stay behind closed doors for now, but this may change soon. We’ve already seen how quickly developments can spread with the finding of a fresh campsite at the Reserve.

A Forensic Expert Weighs In

Lois Gibson is a forensic artist who talked to News Nation Now about her inclinations surrounding Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts. She echoes Lyssa Chapman’s sentiments in that time spent “roughing it” in the woods might have “degraded” his appearance to some degree. While this may mean a different presentation of hair or beard, she doesn’t think it’s likely that he’s been able to change every aspect of his appearance. Ears, for example, are apparently very difficult to alter.

“I’ve been working cases for 39 years and he is going to get a lot of sun, he’s gonna lose weight. I don’t care how much money he has. If you’re on the run … it’s hard to eat, it degrades your life. Ears are the most complicated object on the surface of the head. They’re more complicated than the eyes, lips, or the nose.”

Gibson holds an impressive background and title as a World Record holder. Guinness credits her with the most identifications made by a forensic artist.