Donald Trump Blasts Matt Drudge

by Hunter Miller

Donald Trump is taking aim at Matt Drudge over the Drudge Report’s coverage of the President denying a “series of mini-strikes.” Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to address the issue.

“Drudge didn’t support me in 2016, and I hear he doesn’t support me now,” he tweeted. “Maybe that’s why he is doing poorly.”

The Drudge Report, a conservative news aggregator, shared a link to a video showing Donald Trump purportedly dragging his right leg. The President continued by labeling the reports completely false. “His Fake News report on Mini-Strokes is incorrect,” Trump tweeted. “Possibly thinking about himself, of the other party’s ‘candidate.'”

Donald Trump Slams CNN’s Joe Lockhart After Bashing Drudge

In addition to blasting Matt Drudge, the President also bashed CNN’s Joe Lockhart. Trump earlier called for the network to fire the Democratic pundit for tweeting that the President covered up a stroke.

“CNN should fire Joe Lockhart, a lifetime failure who thought it was a great idea for fellow loser Michael Dukakis to put on that stupid helmet, for knowingly pushing a conspiracy theory about President Trump’s health,” a campaign statement read, according to Daily Mail.

Furthermore, the statement reads: “If another CNN employee said similar things about Barack Obama they’d be fired immediately, so the same standard should be applied here. That is, of course, unless CNN is complicit in the smear campaign in order to level the playing field against Joe Biden, somebody who truly has lost a step.”

Earlier in the day, President Trump first spoke out in denial that his experienced health issues. The reports initially surfaced in an excerpt from New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt’s forthcoming book.

“It never ends!” Trump wrote. “Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes.”

The President then flipped the rumor back on Democratic candidate Joe Biden. “Never happened to THIS candidate – FAKE NEWS,” he wrote. “Perhaps they are referring to another candidate from another party!”

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