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Donald Trump Brings High Schoolers Suspended for Waving ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flags on Stage at Ohio Rally

by Matthew Wilson
Trump Brings Students Suspended Thin Blue Flags Ohio Rally
Photo credit: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images

President Donald Trump invited two high school students who received suspensions for a 9/11 tribute on stage at an Ohio rally. The two had waved “Thin Blue Line” and “Thin Red Line” flags at a football game in honor of fallen first responders. Their school had warned them against the display and subsequently suspended them from the football team.

At the rally in Dayton, Ohio, crowds cheered for Brady Williams and Jarad Bentley. The two took the stage alongside Trump on Monday night (Sept. 21).

Calling the two “good looking men,” Trump also said, “I want to congratulate you. You’re going to become famous. They’re going to go to Hollywood. They’re going to become movie actors.” 

Both Williams and Bentley wore suits and patriotic masks. They appeared nervous by all the attention. Trump asked the two how their football season was going. The school board had reinstated the players to the team. An investigation determined they didn’t have political motivations for the tribute.

“Could be better,” one of them said about their season.

“You’re doing great and everybody out here loves you,” Trump told them.

The two also received a scholarship for their ‘Thin Blue Line’ flags display.

Williams, who father is a police officer, held the Thin Blue Line flag at the game. He told the outlet he wanted to honor cops who died trying to save others during the attacks. His fellow football player Jarad Bentley, who’s father is a firefighter, carried a Thin Red Line flag.

“I was all for it,” Bentley said. “Because my dad is a firefighter. And if it had been him killed on 9/11, I would have wanted someone to do it for him.”

Recently, a local non-profit also awarded the two high schoolers a college scholarship for their actions.

“Brady and Jarad are true PATRIOTS, they did something last Friday that showed they are far beyond their years,” the group said. “These men stood up for a cause they believe in. As they took the field with flags in hand it reminded us how we felt 19 years ago, heartbroken yet strong and united.”

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