Video: Donald Trump Fully Pardons Alice Johnson

by Caroline Bynum

President Trump fully pardoned Alice Johnson August 28. Johnson was granted clemency by Trump two years prior to Friday’s official pardon. Johnson served nearly 22 years in prison for a first-time drug charge. She rose to the national spotlight in 2018 when Kim Kardashian West began to fight for her commutation.

The pardon came as a surprise to Alice Johnson. She was in Washington, DC to give a speech during the RNC. The following day, Trump gave her the news. He explained it was a quick decision following her speech and with the knowledge of the incredible work she has done. He said, “You have been fully pardoned. That’s the ultimate thing that can happen. That means you can do you whatever you want in life. And just keep doing the great job you’re doing.”

In closing, Pastor Robert Jeffries led Trump, Johnson, and the press in prayer. Jeffries said of Johnson, “we thank you for the remarkable story of Alice Johnson, a strong believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, whose life was filled with heartache and injustice.” He commended Johnson’s impressive ability to stay hopeful and positive, rather than turn angry and bitter throughout her situation, “And yet, instead of becoming bitter, she chose to trust in you.”

Then, Pastor Jeffries gave his high. praises to President Trump, saying in his prayer, that he is “a great leader, who, yes, believes in law and order, he believes in justice, but he also believes in mercy.” Furthermore, “We thank you for the President. Thank you for the example he set for all of us of what it means to be a forgiving person.”