Donald Trump Ignores Mandatory Mask Rule After Landing in COVID-19 Hotspot, Miami

by Jacklyn Krol

President Donald Trump is sparking criticism once again after ignoring the mandatory face mask mandate. Trump landed in a COVID-19 (coronavirus) hotspot in Miami, Florida on Friday (July 10).

The Encounter and Events

Trump was in Miami to visit the United States Southern Command along with holding a Venezuela roundtable discussion at a church in Doral. Once Airforce One landed, he disembarked the plane without a mask despite the mask rule. It wasn’t just Trump ignoring the rule, almost his entire team on the plane were reportedly not wearing face masks.

Trump was supposed to go directly to his limo to attend his functions, The Miami Herald reported. However, Trump met Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez on the runway. Gimenez is responsible for the mandatory face mask rule despite Trump’s willingness to disobey the order and guidance from both the CDC and WHO. Despite their differing views on face masks, Trump is actually endorsing Gimenez for Congress.

Finally, Trump was on his way to the U.S. Southern Command. The facility does not have to adhere to the mandatory mask mandate according to the Miami-Dade County Attorney’s Office. The building is considered federal jurisdiction, making it exempt.

Secondly, Trump’s next stop was the Iglesia Doral Jesus Worship Center. The mandate does not apply to places of worship, the second place he visited that does not require masks.

Trump concluded his visit with an unscheduled stop at his Trump National Doral Miami resort. The newspaper reported that he spent ten minutes in the clubhouse. It is not known if he did in fact wear a mask inside for his brief visit.

What Gimenez Said Prior to Trump’s Arrival

Gimenez spoke with the Miami Herald on July 2, prior to the president’s arrival. “I believe the president, like every other leader, should follow what the rules are of the locality,” he said. “And so depending on the locality, if he comes to Miami-Dade, I would expect that he would be wearing a mask because that’s our rules down here.”

“As the leader of Miami-Dade, I’ll be wearing a mask,” he added. “You’ll see me wearing a mask all the time. You have always seen me wear the mask when it’s appropriate. The message is this, you have to assume everybody has the virus. That’s why we’re asking you to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is actually a symbol of respect, the respect I have for you and that you have for me, because this mask actually protects you from me and that mask protects me from you.”

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is especially bad in the county. To stop the spread, the mayor has encouraged citizens to call 205-4-POLICE and report anyone who is not properly wearing a face mask in public.